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Welcome to this edition of the ExitCertified Technology and Education Newsletter. We hope you enjoy this selection of technology highlights and tutorials.

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Glassfish Portfolio Overview
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GlassFish Introduction
GlassFish Training Course
Oracle Timeline
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Red Hat Zone
Red Hat Magazine
How much money can open source save the US government?
Introducing JBoss Developer Studio
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Product Tour
Windows-to-Linux roadmap: Overview
Helping Newbies Learn to Love Linux
Guide to Linux File Command Mastery
Guide to Advanced Linux Command Mastery
Guide to Advanced Linux Command Mastery, Part 2
Guide to Advanced Linux Command Mastery, Part 3
Speaking Unix - 13 Guides
Red Hat Video Learn
Linux Cell Phone Mobile
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Apple Training
Mac OS X Stats
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Sun Microsystems Zone
Making Progress With Swing's Progress Monitoring API
Top Java Developers Offer Advice to Students
A Personal Data Storage Application With Embedded Java DB
An Introduction to Real-Time Java Technology: Part 1, The Real-Time Specification for Java (JSR 1)
An Introduction to Real-Time Java Technology: Part 2, Garbage Collection and the Sun Java Real-Time System (Java RTS)
Mercurial Tutorial
Mercurial is the default content Source Code Management (SCM) solution for Open Solaris and being used widely at Sun. This tutorial is an introduction to using Mercurial. It doesn't assume any particular background in using SCM software.
How to Install and Configure a Two-Node Cluster
Solaris Containers How To Guide
Storage Utilities in Practice: ZFS Snapshot to Amazon S3
MySQL and ZFS: A File System Revolution
Sun and MySQL: How It Stacks Up for Developers
Another Look at MySQL 5.1's SQL Diagnostic Tools
Allan Packer on performance tuning: Scaling MySQL
Sun Microsystems Learning Media
Sun Microsystems Hot Courses
Symantec Zone
Make Data Deduplication Part of Your Overall Backup Strategy
NetBackup PureDisk - Efficient, Storage-Optimized Data Protection
Securing, Managing, and Recovering in a Windows Server 2008 Environment
Next-Generation Data Protection
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Demo
New Ways to Approach Security in a Web 2.0 World
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