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Virtualization Special
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is the first product to deliver commercial quality open source virtualization. Experience the power of virtualized computing on your server and client systems.

Benefits of Virtualization
Virtualization technology delivers a quantum step in IT operational flexibility, speed of deployment, and application performance and availability. Virtualization allows IT managers to deliver more to their customers while gaining control of their costs. And new and exciting uses for virtualized environments are being developed every day. With Red Hat virtualization, processing and data resources - servers and storage - are logically grouped into a single resource pool. Virtual servers and storage can then be dynamically allocated, in just a few seconds, as business demands dictate.
Using Systems More Efficiently

Red Hat Virtualization Architecture

Server consolidation
Consolidate the load of several lightly loaded servers onto one.

Hardware abstraction

Deploying an older operating system and applications on new hardware is easy.

Resource management and high availability
Move guest instances between systems. Give workloads to be to the most appropriate system. Have continued operation during maintenance periods. And a consistent virtualized server environment makes the deployment of disaster tolerant configurations simpler, practical, and trustworthy.

Application isolation
Encapsulate an application together into a single entity with its operating system, performance and configuration parameters, and security environment. Tightly control and manage your applications, immune from other changes in the IT environment.
Ending Email Server downtime
Moving Critical Apps to New Systems
Using Servers More Efficiently
Linux Cell Phone Mobile
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Enterprise Tech Tip: Jersey and Spring
The Developer Insight Series, Part 1: Write Dumb Code -- Advice From Four Leading Java Developers
The Developer Insight Series, Part 2: Code Talk
Discovering Devices and Sending Files via Bluetooth in Java ME

Solaris Customer Spotlights
Three-Person IT UNIX Team Supports 4.4 Billion Dollar Global Corporation Using the Solaris 10 Operating System
Swiss Bank’s IT System Performs Up to Tenfold Faster with Sun and SoSyS Solution
Online Gaming Company with 40,000,000 Users Migrates from Linux to The Solaris 10 Operating System, Increases Performance by 50%
A Quick Look at MySQL 5.4
Developing Database Applications Using MySQL Connector/C++
Getting started with DTracing MySQL
Exception Error Handling Implementation in MySQL/VB.NET Windows Database Applications

MySQL Customer Spotlights
MySQL Customer: Yahoo!
MySQL Customer: Evite
MySQL Customer: Ongame (PokerRoom.com)
Sun Microsystems Zone
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Symantec Zone
Is All of Your Confidential Information Protected?
Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure
Are You Getting the Best Security for Your Money?
Re-Evaluating Disaster Recovery for Virtual Server Environments

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Introduction to Phishing BotNets Video
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IBM Zone
IBM Systems Magazine - April/May 2009
Understanding the Trusted Execution environment in AIX V6
Running Oracle on AIX Performance tips and tricks
Workload Partitioning (WPAR) in AIX 6.1 WPAR systems administration and configuration

New To Rational
Get acquainted with IBM Rational’s software delivery tools and integrated platform for governing software and systems delivery
Ways to extend the UML-to-WSDL transformation to Web services in IBM Rational Software Architect: Part 1. Build extension plug-ins for JMS end points and SOAP headers
Enterprise Modernization for IBM System z: Creating Web Services with IBM Rational Business Developer
IBM Enterprise Modernization for System i: Discover and understand RPG applications with X-Analysis

Lotusphere 2009: Smart collaboration video
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Reviewer's Guide
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Deployment Guide

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IBM Takes on Jeopardy!
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