TRIRIGA Application Platform Certification

Course Details
Tuition (USD):
$7,500.00 • Classroom (10 days)
$8,564.23 • Classroom (10 days)

During this 10-day lab-driven program you create workflows that use the various features so you can use the TRIRIGA Application Platform in the most optimal manner possible. You modify existing business processes and create new business processes within the TRIRIGA system.

Skills Gained

  • Create and modify business objects (BOs)
  • Create and modify associations between BOs
  • Manage and define state transition families
  • Define and modify forms
  • Create and modify workflows
  • Create and modify reports, queries, and portals
  • Analyze common application patterns
  • Set up TRIRIGA security and object migration

Who Can Benefit

This intermediate-level course is for anyone who uses the system to maintain the Data Modeler structure, perform basic to moderate-level modifications of existing GUIs or processes, modify or build reports in the TRIRIGA Report Manager, or make configuration changes to the as-delivered TRIRIGA product.


You should have the following skills:

  • Ability to create new records with TRIRIGA application
  • Ability to create reports with the TRIRIGA Report Manager
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Windows or equivalent
  • Knowledge of the structure of relational databases and object-oriented programming principles (helpful, but not required)

You should complete the following courses:

  • TRIRIGA Portfolio (TA500)
  • TRIRIGA Application Platform I (TA610)

Course Details


IBM Education Advantage Program Eligibility:

  • Yes - Education Pack - online account

Data Modeler

State transitions and state families

Form Builder

Associations and data/smart sections


List and Classification Manager

Navigation Builder

Data Integrator

Reports and queries


Workflow Builder

Metadata tasks

Temporary data tasks

Associate and deassociate workflow and task

Pre-create workflows

Custom section actions

Intermediate objects

Form actions

Selecting an image

Field actions and OnChange

Financial transactions

Excel sections

Approval process

Custom portals