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Implementing Your ATG Commerce Solution Rel 10.1

Format: Instructor-Led/Virtual Classroom

This course teaches you how to implement your web commerce applications with Oracle ATG Web Commerce. Learn the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to create, configure and extend ATG Web Commerce B2C and B2B sites.

This course is appropriate for on-premises deployments only.

Learn To:

  • Extend ATG Personalization for Commerce.
  • Extend and display the catalog.
  • Implement and manage Multisite.
  • Extend the pricing engine and order object.
  • Extend and deliver promotions.
  • Create custom promotion templates.
  • Split payment and ship across orders.
  • Interface with a fulfillment system.
  • Integrate an inventory system.
  • Extend and create java classes used to manage and process orders
  • Add a custom promotion type to a commerce solution
  • Serve multiple store sites from a single ATG cluster

Commerce Reference Store (CRS)

You will learn about the Commerce Reference Store modules. After a deep dive into the customizations built for the reference application, you will use CRS as a starting point to build reward capabilities into the ATG store as well as create a brand new reward site.

Customize Commerce Features

This course teaches you how to customizing Oracle ATG Web Commerce for your application. Learn how to extend personalization, create a new site, customize the product catalog and order processing, extend pricing and promotions and create new shipping and payment methods.

Integrate with External Systems

Oracle ATG Web Commerce provides a framework to build your online application. There are often external systems which need to be integrated with ATG such as order management and fulfillment, catalog content and pricing, and tax processing. Learn about when you may need to integrate with an external system and how to do so.

Skills Gained

  • Add properties to user profiles and extend catalog objects

  • Serve multiple store sites from a single ATG cluster

  • Extend and create java classes used to manage and process orders

  • Extend components and create custom components required for by the site

  • Implement a custom pricing calculator

  • Add a custom promotion type to a commerce solution

  • Configure and extend shipping and payment methods

Who Can Benefit

  • Developer

  • Technical Consultant


  • Java, JSP, J2EE experience

  • Working knowledge: HTML, XML, object-oriented programming

  • Web application development suggested

Code: D79786GC10

Format: Instructor-Led/Virtual Classroom

Tuition (USD): $4,200

Length: 5

Certified By: Oracle


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Implementing Your ATG Commerce Solution Rel 10.1 Content Details

  • Introduction

    • Introductions
    • Overview of Course
    • Overview of Oracle ATG Web Commerce features and capabilities

  • Commerce Reference Store

    • Commerce-related modules
    • Using CIM to configure Commerce Reference Store (CRS)
    • Using CRS for new implementations

  • Personalization for Commerce

    • Introduction to B2C and B2B Profile Extensions
    • Understanding User Segments and Organizations
    • Extending the Profile Repository

  • Extending Scenarios

    • Introduction to the Scenario Architecture
    • Understanding Scenarios for Commerce
    • Creating Custom Scenarios

  • Displaying and Extending the Catalog

    • Displaying the catalog in JSPs
    • ‘Drill-down’ pages for categories and products
    • Managing the breadcrumb trail
    • Extending the catalog

  • Multisite

    • Setting the site context
    • The site repository
    • Site templates
    • Using multisite in an ATG application
    • Multisite and Commerce

  • Extending Orders

    • Order-related classes
    • Pipelines
    • Modifying an order programmatically
    • Order repository and order persistence

  • Pricing Architecture

    • The pricing engine
    • Dynamic discounts

  • Displaying and Extending Pricing

    • Price lists
    • Item pricing
    • Order pricing
    • Extending the pricing engine and calculators

  • Extending Promotions

    • Promotion Model Definition Language
    • Custom promotion types

  • Promotion Templates

    • Promotion templates in the BCC
    • Creating custom promotion templates
    • Defining the template UI
    • Validating and translating user input
    • Linking user input to promotion properties
    • Modifying and deleting templates

  • Shipping

    • Configuring and extending shipping methods
    • Shipping groups and related classes
    • Initializing an order’s shipping groups
    • Modifying an order’s shipping
    • Adding a custom shipping group type

  • Payment Groups

    • Payment groups and the Payment Group Manager
    • Claimable payment groups
    • Initializing an order’s payment groups
    • Modifying an order’s payment groups
    • The payment process
    • Adding a custom payment group

  • Other Purchase Process Form Handlers

    • Canceling and committing orders
    • Express checkout
    • Saving incomplete order

  • Inventory and Fulfillment

    • Introduction to the Inventory System
    • Extending the Inventory Repository and Manager
    • Introduction to the Fulfillment Architecture
    • Integration with External Fulfillment Systems

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