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MetaSolv M6 Fast Track

Format: Instructor-Led/Virtual Classroom

The M6 Fast Track course is a 5-day overview course that gives students a broad understanding of the Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution product. This course is appropriate for all new and current users of the Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution product who have not previously attended training on M6. During the training, students will be exposed to the functional architecture, application setup, overview of network templates, equipment, designing networks, product catalog, work management, provisioning and engineering work orders.

Upon completion of this course, students will have a foundational knowledge to be able to configure and operate the M6 product. Students will solidify this knowledge through demonstrations and hands-on labs. 

Learn to:
  • To Set up M6- Fast Track
  • Engineer Work Orders
  • Design an ATM/FR Network
  • Enter Service Requests

Skills Gained

  • The Functional architecture of MetaSolv Solution

  • Navigate the MetaSolv Solution graphical user interface, use desktop features, setup information and customize the application Provides high-level background information

  • Provides high-level background information on the features and functionalities of network templates

  • Provide high-level background information on equipment specifications and installing equipment

  • Use of network templates in MetaSolv Solution to build out your network system

  • Designing of networks using the SONET/SDH technology

  • Work Management Terms and Concepts

  • Maintaining the Inventory of telephone numbers allocated to their organization using MetaSolv Solution

  • Understand how to enter several different types of customer orders in MetaSolv Solution

  • Learning how to retrieve connection information and how to provision ordered line, trunk and template-based products

  • Common Activities performed after a connection design is completed

  • Build backbone networks from installing equipment to designing connections

  • Basics about the trouble management functionality in MetaSolv Solution

  • Learn the tools available within MetaSolv Solution to create, partition and manage IP address inventory

  • Creating a network area for telephone numbers and a network area for a IP addresses

  • Creating a network area for telephone numbers and a network area for a IP addresses

Who Can Benefit

  • Technical Administrator


    • Familiarity with underlying operation of a telecom Operations Support System (OSS)

      Code: D48701GC10

      Format: Instructor-Led/Virtual Classroom

      Tuition (USD): $4,200

      Length: 5

      Certified By: Oracle

      GSA Tuition:  $3,596.97

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      MetaSolv M6 Fast Track Content Details

      • MetaSolv Functional Architecture

        • Functional Architecture

      • Setting up the Application

        • Navigate and Use desktop features
        • Application Setup Pages
        • Preferences
        • Customize the application interface
        • Setup data and Security
        • Groups and Users
        • Assigning users to groups
        • Security Passwords and Assigning Permission

      • Network Templates Overview

        • Network Template Termsq
        • ATM/Frame Replay technology module data
        • Navigating the Canvas
        • Downstream effects of templates
        • Customizing Templates
        • Unlocking Templates

      • Equipment Overview

        • Equipment Specifications
        • Install Equipment
        • Cross-Connections

      • Designing an ATM/FR Network

        • Navigate network systems
        • Process to design a network system
        • Design network

      • Define SONET Networks

        • SONET/SDH technology module data

      • Product Catalog Overview

        • Basic steps to building the product catalog
        • Product categories
        • Product Item Types
        • Product Specifications
        • Product Catalog
        • Constructing Product Hierarchies
        • Create Product Specifications
        • Create the Product Catalog

      • Work Management Overview

        • Work Management Overview
        • Areas of Work Management
        • Work Queue Manager

      • Create and Manage Telephone Number Inventory

        • Telephone Number Inventories And Inventory of "Owned" Numbers
        • Telephone Number Life Cycle
        • System Statuses
        • Suspend Status
        • Special Telephone Number Status
        • Telephone Number Histories and Create Telephone Numbers
        • Inventory of Outside Numbers
        • Telephone number types and Telephone Number Blocks

      • Entering Service Requests

        • Ordering Overview
        • Product Service Requests(PSR)
        • Customer Accounts
        • Customer Profile
        • Service Request activity types

      • Provisioning Service

        • Design Ordered Connections

      • Connection Maintenance

        • Locate Connection Information
        • Connection Hierarchy
        • Network grooming
        • Internal Service Requests

      • Engineering work orders

        • Engineering work orders

      • Trouble Management

        • Overview
        • Create Tickets
        • Trouble Ticket Templates

      • Create and Manage Internal IP Address Management

        • IP Address Overview
        • IP Address Format
        • Binary System Overview
        • Public Vs Private IP address
        • Base Network
        • Subnets
        • Internal IP Management
        • Network Address Translation

      • Network Areas

        • Network Area Overview
        • Network Areas and Telephone Numbers
        • Associate IP address inventory with Network Areas
        • Network Area Hierarchies
        • IP address utilization window

      • Optical/TDM Lab

        • Optical/TDM technology module data
        • Build DWDM network
        • Build a SONET/SDH network
        • Enter a engineering work order
        • Provisioning connection over optical/TDM

      • DSL Lab

        • DSL technology module data
        • Network Design Overview
        • Design Network
        • Create the Product
        • Enter the service request
        • Assign TNS to voice connections
        • Generate Tasks
        • Provision Service

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