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Primavera Unifier End User Training on Demand - Multi-Title Named User - 1 user - 12 month term (Training On Demand)

Format: Self-Paced Online

This Primavera Unifier end-user course teaches you how to navigate and complete basic functions in Unifier. Among the topics covered are business processes, document management, WBS cost management and cash flow.

Learn To:

  • Navigate and set preferences.
  • Use forms and tasks in business processes.
  • Manage documents, properties and permissions.
  • Mark up documents.
  • Use a project cost sheet.

Getting Started

This Primavera Unifier course begins by covering topics like logging in and navigating the application. Enrolling in this course will help you become familiar with the application, while the Training On Demand format allows you to learn at your own pace.

Business Processes

You'll also learn about the basic structure and utilization of electronic business processes in Unifier. Explore how business processes drive transactions and collaboration in Unifier, while providing transparency, accountability and efficiency.

Document Manager

This course also gives you an overview of Unifier’s document manager. Instruction covers navigation, utilization of folder structures, document properties management and permissions. Training On Demand allows you to pause, rewind or fast-forward, making your learning experience truly flexible.

WBS Cost Management

You can also take advantage of an overview of WBS cost sheets, business processes, worksheets, work packages, exchange rates, multi-currency and schedules of value. Replay these conceptual lessons as often as you need to through the Training On Demand format.

Cash Flow

Finally, this Primavera Unifier course will also teach you how to baseline projected spends and track actual costs. You'll also learn to calculate future spends based on a known forecast.

Skills Gained

  • Use business processes

  • Use document management

  • Mark up documents

  • Use WBS Cost Management

  • Use cash flow functionality

  • Navigate in the application

Who Can Benefit

  • End Users

    Code: D79347

    Format: Self-Paced Online

    Tuition (USD): $650

    Promotion (USD): $617.50
    Length: 5

    Certified By: Oracle

    GSA Tuition:  $556.67

    Primavera Unifier End User Training on Demand - Multi-Title Named User - 1 user - 12 month term (Training On Demand) Content Details

    • Getting Started

      • Logging In
      • Using the Navigator
      • Managing Business Process Tasks
      • Viewing Messages

    • Business Processes

      • Using Forms
      • Using Logs
      • Creating and Routing a Record
      • Using Business Processes
      • Adding Comments to Forms

    • Adding Comments to Forms

      • Creating and Managing Folders
      • Document Properties and Permissions
      • Checking In and Checking Out

    • Markups

      • Adding Markups

    • WBS Cost Management

      • Cost Concepts
      • Viewing the Project Cost Sheet
      • Using Base Commits and Change Commits
      • Using General Spends
      • Using Worksheets and Work Packages

    • Cash Flow

      • Using Data Structures
      • Using Distribution Profiles
      • Working with Snapshots
      • Viewing the Cash Flow Log

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