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Management Accounting II   (TFIN22)

Format: Instructor-Led Classroom

Skills Gained

  • After this training class you are able to:
       -implement Profit Center Accounting with new general ledger
       -implement Profitability Analysis
       -create reports with Report Painter and Drilldown Reporting
       -implement a blueprint of a business scenario during a Case Study

    Who Can Benefit

    • Consultants responsible for implementing Management Accounting


      • Essential:
           -Knowledge of Management Accounting (Controlling)
           -TFIN20 (Management Accounting I)
           -TFIN22 contains:
           -E-Learning SM001 (Solution Manager Overview),
           -to be prepared before starting the training course TFIN20

        Course Content

        • Profit Center Master Data and Assigning Master Data (in new general ledger)

        • Actual Postings of Profit Centers (in new general ledger)

        • Profitcenter-Planning (in new general ledger)

        • Data Structures of Profitability Accounting

        • Derivation of Profitability Segments

        • Valuation of Value Fields

        • Actual Posting in Profitability Analysis

        • Planning in Profitability Analysis

        • Report Painter

        • Drilldown Reporting

        • Review und Preparation of Certification

        • Certification: Certified Application Associate - Management Accounting with SAP ERP 6.04 with SAP ERP 2005 covering training courses SAP129, ERP001, ERP020, TFIN20, SM001, TFIN22

        Code: TFIN22

        Format: Instructor-Led Classroom

        Tuition (USD): $6,695 Classroom / $6,445 Virtual

        Length: 10 days

        Certified By: SAP


        ExitCertified is SAP Primary Education Partner

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        Management Accounting II   (TFIN22) Content Details

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