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Looking for top IT training courses in Chicago, Illinois? With an extensive catalog of IT courses from leading vendors such as Microsoft, IBM  and Google taught by highly trained instructors, ExitCertified has you covered. From IT management to cloud computing, ExitCertified has everything you need to gain the IT skills necessary to continue your career growth and development.

Benefits of taking an ExitCertified training course

ExitCertified offers training methods to fit different learning styles and logistical needs. Instructors have the versatility to deliver quality training for an individual, a team or an entire organization. See why you should choose ExitCertified for IT training and certification courses.

1. In-person and online classes

With a variety of options available, our course selections meet every professional's needs. We offer both virtual and live training options. Our Individual Multimedia Video Presence (iMVP) system is designed to emulate an in-person classroom experience, giving you seamless online IT training.

2. Advance your IT career

Employers seek candidates who commit to their learning and self-improvement. You can show your relevancy and savviness with a tech certificate course that fits your potential or current position perfectly.

3. Learn new IT skills

Expand your horizons and grow as an individual with learning opportunities. Taking the time to learn tech skills can give you new insight and opportunities in your position. That may be necessary to advance in your current position or transition to a new job or role.

4. IT certifications for all levels

From an entry-level IT certification to top IT executive certifications, ExitCertified offers a variety of certification programs to fit your needs and experience level.

5. Top tier IT instructors

Our award-winning IT instructors are subject matter experts with real-world experience, helping our students meet the industry's most rigorous standards.

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Whether you’re looking to improve your skills for a new job or keep your existing IT certification current, ExitCertified has a course that’s right for you. To learn more about IT training courses in Chicago, browse the course catalog or contact an ExitCertified Learning Advisor today! 

IT Training Courses Available in Chicago

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