ExitCertified is now offering On Demand access to containerization training content from Mirantis. The 3 authorized training courses now available for registration include video content, coursebooks and labs 24/7. 

CLEARWATER, Fla. (October 7, 2020) – ExitCertified (Tech Data) today announced the expansion of its On Demand curriculum, now providing On Demand access to industry-leading containerization training content from Mirantis 

We are excited to have been chosen by Mirantis as the platform for their On Demand training solution saidMark McCreath, vice president of Education Services for North America at Tech Data. “Produced exclusively on ExitCertifiedOn Demand platformwere enabling our customers with authorized training content that they can access anywhere, anytime, 24/7. 

Currently there are 3 courses available for registration, CN100: Docker Containerization Essentials, CN110: Docker Swarm Application Essentials, and CN210: Docker Enterprise Operations, as well as the CN250: Docker Enterprise Bootcamp bundle that combines all three CN100, CN110, and CN120 courses. Other cloud native courses from the Mirantis training catalog will be added in November 2020. 

Visit the Mirantis On Demand Course Catalog for more details. 

On Demand training courses at ExitCertified provide several benefits and features, including the ability to 

  • Train at your own pace by stopping, starting, rewinding or repeating a lesson whenever you need it 
  • Find the answers you need in a timely manner with fully searchable lessons 
  • Access video content of certified instructor(s), coursebooks and labs 24/7 

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View Mirantis Press Release 

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