CLEARWATER, Fla. — December 6, 2022— ExitCertified, a Shyft Global Services company, announced today that trainer Mike Stapleton was awarded a Standing Ovation award from ForgeRock for Q3 2022.

ForgeRock calculates standing ovation winners using metrics from all the classes delivered in the related quarter by analyzing the number of reviews students submitted for an instructor, student average scores for their instructors, student comments about their instructors, and the number of classes an instructor delivered.

Recognized by their students, Ovation Award winners consistently delivered high-quality classes throughout Q3.

Students described Stapleton as, “very knowledgeable and quick to help answer questions,” and [a provider of] “succinct and trustworthy answers that encourage interaction.”

Niah Johnson, Global Training Delivery Manager at ForgeRock, said, “We know the challenges an online classroom brings, but Mike consistently keeps his students engaged and expertly handles their questions–-absolutely fantastic!” 

“We are pleased to be working with ForgeRock, a company that continues to innovate digital identity without the use of usernames and passwords,” said Mark McCreath, Vice President, Education and Training Solutions, North America, ExitCertified.

ForgeRock is a multinational software company that develops commercial open-source identity and access management products to help organizations protect themselves against internal and external threats.

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