The Challenge

A leading global systems integrator (GSI) requires a skilled workforce to tackle the technology shifts in today's enterprise. In an era of nearly constant change, keeping pace with relevant skills is critical to preserving an effective knowledge-based consultancy.

In the last two years, this has been especially true as Cloud and IoT enabling technologies are transforming the marketplace. The increase in connected devices, data connectivity platforms and cloud services has created exponential demand for 3rd platform technology skills.

Building analytics, cloud, security, or even mainframe based solutions within an enterprise framework, requires vendor-based certifications and specialized skill sets to ensure the inter-operability between new and legacy systems. It can be challenging to maintain a reputation as trusted advisor to the enterprise, without these skills and credentials in your workforce.

The GSI believed their workforce education requirement was too broad and geographically dispersed to manage with a single training partner. It was important that they could respond to new business initiatives with confidence. That meant large delivery teams could quickly be assessed for knowledge gaps and put on a path to learning critical skills. Without a doubt, managing all their education requirements cost-effectively was vital to achieving good business results.

In a competitive market, keeping pace with skills requires an innovative and flexible education partner, like Tech Data Education Services.

The Solution

Tech Data assessed the global systems integrators requirements for training to meet critical delivery timelines with skills that were fundamental to the projects they sought as client engagements.

It was clear that traditional classroom-based learning on a public schedule and standard curriculums, was not an effective use of their training dollars. The unpredictability of projects and their timing, necessitated a different approach to ramp up skills on an as-needed basis. Off-the-shelf options didn't account for the skills consultants already mastered within a given curriculum.

In response, Tech Data designed custom on-demand classes to teach the skills required by key projects. In partnership with the GSI, Tech Data developed a centralized communication hub where all critical project training requirements were documented. This allowed the GSI to adequately source training to meet timelines, from a multitude of global requests. Partnering with the GSI to create an approved workflow, provided the needed visibility and transparency into all training initiatives originating across the company. This removed bottlenecks from the procurement and delivery process.

The Result

After connecting with the team at Tech Data Education Services, the global systems integrator saw that their training requirements could be met with Tech Data's breadth of geographic coverage and the depth of technologies they offer.

Tech Data Education Services managed the GSI's knowledge requirements cost effectively with flexible training credits. Working from a centralized pre-paid account, the global SI can apply training credits to any Tech Data course, from any vendor, for its staff anywhere in the world.

By supporting an array of consultants and IT specialists through a variety of skills-based training, this GSI will maintain their role as trusted advisor to enterprise clients adopting new technologies like cloud and IoT. With the processes now in place, the GSI is confident Tech Data Education Services will provide company-wide visibility and the responsiveness to deliver the right training to their project teams.