2022: Another Year of Achievements for ExitCertified

Susan Asher | Thursday, December 22, 2022

2022: Another Year of Achievements for ExitCertified

As the holiday season and New Year draw upon us, ExitCertified looks back at 2022.

Sure, ExitCertified won a handful of awards this year, and we’ll get to that, but one of the biggest accomplishments has to be its launch and development of CloudCentrix. Having spoken with many organizations about the benefits of cloud native applications, microservices, cloud analytics, the automation of infrastructure, and many other aspects of the cloud, we realized we needed a way to help companies take a holistic view of the cloud to understand the various processes, tools, and technologies that simplify cloud computing.

These work processes and technologies can save DevOps, analysts, and system administrators hours of time each week while allowing them to quickly develop and deploy new applications, run analytics, and automate infrastructure in far less time than ever before.  

Cloud computing lies at the heart of your business, and if you know how to use it, it can double IT productivity. But quick application deployment, scalability, high availability and automated infrastructure and application testing don’t come about simply by moving applications to the cloud.

IT professionals need to understand how to operate cloud infrastructure offerings, develop and operate cloud native applications, and collaborate with other IT teams in new ways. To master the cloud for any IT role, proper training is essential. 

Awards Won

Like previous years for ExitCertified, 2022 was a year of acknowledgements both for us as a company and our instructors.

Below is a list of awards won:

ExitCertified Awards

ExitCertified Instructor Awards

Training Diminishes the IT Skills Gap

IT skill gaps leave businesses without the ability to address technology solutions that were purchased to take care of customers and improve operations. HR leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to quickly find and develop talent with the most in demand skills, yet 58% of the workforce needs new skills to get their jobs done, according to Gartner, Inc. These unaddressed challenges in the IT department inhibit the ability to effectively use technologies that could grow the business.

In an ExitCertified survey of IT professionals—mainly IT leaders—conducted earlier this year by ExitCertified, more than two-thirds of respondents (~68%) confirmed that they are experiencing skills shortages. More than a third (36.7%) of the respondents chose cloud as one of the top three technologies in which they experience the most deficits in skills. Companies focus the most on cloud (Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud technologies) and therefore, skills associated with those technologies remain in high demand, leading to a shortfall of IT staff with those skill. Falling just behind cloud technologies, respondents said they lack skills in artificial intelligence (AI),  machine learning (ML), agile & DevOps, IT security, and blockchain.  

ExitCertified provides training in all these areas and more.

As you work to increase your skills in 2023, we look forward to seeing you in-person or in an online instructor-led training class at ExitCertified.

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