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5 Reasons Why Virtual Training is Better than Your Average Online IT Course

Finding the right training solution for your company requires balance. Your teams need the latest information on ever-changing technology to be productive, yet product development cycles never stop.

While sending your staff to training could mean short-term delays in your schedule, the alternative could be even more costly. Without ongoing training, team performance drops by 25% every four years [i]. More importantly, PwC found that opportunities related to training and career progression were top measures for employee retention—ranking above benefits, ethics and corporate values[ii]. If employees leave, it can cost your company 33% of their annual salary to replace them[iii].

The question, then, isn’t whether or not you should train your employees—but rather how you can do so most effectively to maximize productivity and innovative potential, all without overrunning your training budget or sacrificing too much of your production schedule.

Thankfully, technology-driven IT training vendors are providing the answer with virtual training. This relatively new and evolving offering revolutionizes training for busy IT and technology-driven companies. There are five critical reasons why you should consider virtual training for your teams.

Virtual Training is Immersive

Unlike self-paced online IT courses, virtual training with a highly-qualified instructor is essentially the same as being in the room.These courses are technology-enabled, instructor-led offerings that include full student participation, no matter where that student is sitting. In the virtual classroom, online students feel the same level of engagement, get equal attention and achieve the same learning objectives as those in the room.

Train More While Spending Less

Offering training to your staff comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. You must carefully consider the time that they’ll be away from their desks (including travel days before and after) and the expenses for airfare, hotels, car rentals, shuttles, meals and more. That’s before you even figure in the cost of the training. These expenses add up quickly, which means you may not have the budget to train as many people as you’d like.

Virtual training is the classroom experience that comes to you. Whether you or your employees elect to take a virtual class at home, at your desks or in a conference room, you minimize the cost per employee while reducing the time that your staff is away from the office. You can extend training to more of your team or you can allow your staff to take additional classes without inflating your training budget.

Virtual Training Becomes Part of Your Company Culture

Industry leaders like IBM have realized the business value of training. In its report, IBM noted that companies that increase team skills meet their objectives 90% more often[iv]. The more people you train, the better off you’ll be. In the best-performing companies, 84% of employees are receiving the training they need, compared to the worst-performing companies, where only 16% receive sufficient training[iv].

Virtual training broadens the availability and accessibility of training, allowing you to create a culture where continued learning is part of the process. By providing highly accessible training into your work environment and encouraging employees to enroll, you enable your teams to learn the techniques and technologies they need to be more productive in their jobs, which will improve both employee morale and retention.

Get Virtual Training No Matter Where You Are

Very few modern organizations operate from a single location that’s central to leading IT training centers. Remote offices, branch locations and home-based employees increase the challenge and  cost of corporate training programs.

By offering the opportunity to take virtual IT training courses, you provide ample opportunities for even your most remote offices—including those offshore and over-seas—to receive the training they need. Even if your employees are in tech centers like Seattle or Chicago, they can still opt to take the training from the comfort of their home or office, foregoing the potential for lengthy and stressful commutes to unfamiliar parts of town.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Every Employee Trained

Businesses around the globe are under tremendous pressure to reduce their carbon footprints, and aircrafts are one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions. Just traveling 500 miles per month generates 2.91 tons of carbon emissions annually. That small amount of travel would require 14 new trees to be planted and matured for 20 years to offset the generated emissions[v]. If a company sends just one employee per month to training, it could easily exceed 500 air miles.

While there’s no way to eliminate the need for business travel, minimizing the use of air travel per employee is an easy win for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint. By opting for virtual training instead of flying employees to a class location, businesses can easily show positive movement toward green practices that protect the Earth.

ExitCertified iMVP Increases the Value of Virtual Training

Virtual training offers a host of benefits for both the employer and the employee, but not all virtual training courses provide exceptional student experiences. Since the inception of virtual training, many vendors have earned a reputation for faulty technology, slow or intermittent connections and instructors who fail to include online participants in crucial discussions.

ExitCertified offers the experience of Individual Multimedia Video Presence, or iMVP, an exclusive remote-learning technology platform where the emphasis is on “presence.” Through iMVP, IT professionals can choose from courses offered by ExitCertified in person and receive the same immersive, instructor-led training that they would get in a classroom setting. With dedicated production specialists that ensure clear and consistent two-way communication, high-definition video and audio and instructors who are expertly trained to include and involve everyone, both online and in the room, the iMVP experience makes virtual training a viable and desirable platform for continued learning.

“ExitCertified has spent the past several years pushing the boundaries of what is available in a virtual environment,” says Mark Morrissey, Senior Director of Cloudera University. “The iMVP virtual solution creates an atmosphere of collaboration among instructors and students that regularly is missing from remotely hosted training engagements.”

Getting started with iMVP is easy. You sign up for a course and follow the instructions provided. We’ll even send you a high-definition webcam and headset to enhance your training experience. Whether you use your technology or ours, our producers are online before, during and after the class to quickly resolve any technical issues that students might have. During the course, you’ll be surprised at how interactive and immersive each class is, and you’ll get to know not only the instructor but the other students online and in the room. It’ll be just like you’re there.

Learn more about iMVP courses or explore all your training options.

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