Contribute to the ExitCertified blog

Alexandra Kenney | Friday, July 26, 2019

Contribute to the ExitCertified blog

Whether you are an IT expert or want to talk about a particular IT training niche or industry topic, we invite you to share your knowledge through the ExitCertified blog. 

 Submitting informative, well-written content will increase the likelihood of getting published. Read on to find out the guidelines that will give you the best chance.

Write Content

Content that is educational — think of a how-to guide.

Impress the Editing Team

Proofread and follow our writing tips below. 

Get Published

We have a list of 10 basic guidelines to follow to get content approved.

What We Are Looking For

Content that is educational — think of a how-to guide. Break down steps others can easily follow and incorporate teaching tools such as screenshots. Before starting to write your blog post, make sure you can answer the questions below:

  • What can you teach others?
  • What can you write to establish yourself as a true authority in the industry?
  • How will your piece differ from what has already been published?

What We Won’t Publish

Poorly written articles that are difficult to read will be automatically disqualified. While you can offer advise based on relevant experience and link to helpful outside sources, please avoid the following:

  • Articles with self-promotional links 
  • Opinion-based or editorial articles
  • Articles that offer no value or do not align with our blog

How to Get Approved

Here is a summary of the 10 basic guidelines for approval:

  1. Submit original content
  2. Share actionable how-to information others can learn from
  3. Skip the basics – our audience is not new to the digital marketing field
  4. Link to credible resources to help the reader understand certain concepts
  5. Discard self-promotion
  6. Use relevant and timely research data where appropriate
  7. Offer a need and a valid solution(s)
  8. Show you are well-versed in the subject
  9. Focus on being technically accurate
  10. Justify your claims

Impress the Editing Team

Before sending your article, proofread to make sure your message is easily understood. Be prepared for editing while keeping in mind these helpful tips:

  • Run your article through a grammar/spell checker
  • Avoid contractions as they make you appear less credible
  • Structure your post well by using headings and subheads accordingly
  • Remain open to changes that will make your article amazing

Submit Your Post

Email your article to with the following subject line: "Review my blog post [author name]".