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Everything You Need to Know About VMware and the Hybrid Cloud

Alexandra DiFresca | Thursday, July 15, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About VMware and the Hybrid Cloud

Run Your Business Around the World and in the Cloud

 For businesses that need to deliver solutions as quickly and as cost-effectively as they can, scalability is one of the most important qualities to look for in an infrastructure management platform. Legacy computing environments relied heavily on VMware for its benefits of flexibility and seamless resource scaling. With more businesses moving toward public cloud computing, IT leadership is maximizing the benefits of their existing VMware installations and cloud services by implementing hybrid architectures. A highly scalable platform meets your current challenges while providing a foundation that allows you to scale your infrastructure to meet demands.

Achieving true scalability can often feel futile, even with the addition of VMware and hybrid cloud. Customer demands shift rapidly, and technology platforms change quickly. Staying ahead of the technology and customer curve requires a knowledgeable workforce who can plan and execute a scalable hybrid cloud strategy. And at the same time, the cloud computing services you’re relying on also lower the barrier to entry for new competitors in nearly every market.

It's imperative to understand how VMware and hybrid cloud solutions work together to provide the agility and scalability required to keep up. This multifaceted objective is linked to several disciplines, including IT automation, network provisioning, infrastructure cycle times, cloud services, complex operations and more. Businesses that get these critical elements in place can achieve the nearly seamless agility, scalability, and performance that they need to keep pace with customer demands.

Getting to this point, however, requires you to keep a few key ideas in mind.

VMware Cloud Foundation: Taking Full Advantage of Everything that Hybrid Cloud Agility Has to Offer

 VMware Cloud Foundation brings with it a wide range of benefits, including:

  • The flexibility to build, deploy, and manage applications in hybrid cloud environments
  • A software-defined datacenter approach that accelerates and automates many time-consuming tasks, including provisioning and resource scaling among other things.
  • Operational efficiency, staff efficiency, and cost savings

For businesses starting with mature data center environments, moving away from a datacenter-centric architecture model means rethinking IT operations, procurement, provisioning, resource allocation, and more. VMware Cloud Foundation can shorten the path to hybrid cloud by merging the familiar with the new, empowering IT teams to take advantage of scalable cloud resources without introducing a steep learning curve for operations teams.

VMware Cloud Foundation, while proven in the industry as a flexible foundation for hybrid cloud, is a tool, the same as anything else - what it can do matters less than what it can accomplish in the right hands. Planning your VMware and Hybrid Cloud environment takes skill and having the right resources and technologies at your disposal can make the process that much easier.

Training for a VMware Hybrid Cloud Foundation

 Organizations are regularly faced with the challenge of not having access to IT staff who have the technical skills required to unlock the full potential of hybrid cloud. Because VMware is an established technology with many data centers, existing staff often represent the best opportunity for a shift to hybrid cloud. With initial training on VMware Cloud Foundation and ongoing education can build a workforce capable of achieving a strategic move to the cloud that delivers on the promises of flexibility and agility.

VMware training not only introduces the concepts and architecture of VMware Cloud Foundation but also prepares trainees to deploy and manage it on AWS and VeloCloud. From configuration management to storage integrations and solutions, system and network administrators and system integrators can help your organization deliver on business promises and goals.

Training is beneficial for accelerating a return on your initial infrastructure investment, while also building a workforce and technological foundation that will serve as the basis for your competitive advantage for years to come.

The ExitCertified Approach

As an industry leader in IT training, ExitCertified has been offering free training and development resources to help advance the careers of IT professionals since 2001. Today, we offer more than 9,500 authorized training courses for more than 25 brands - all in the name of keeping your skills up-to-date so that you can get the training you need when you need it the most.

At ExitCertified, we only use official VMware courseware in an effort to help provide the most robust ongoing education possible. As a VMware Authorized Training Center, our instructors are fully accredited - allowing them to dive deep into the technical side of everything that VMware has to offer.

Learn more about how VMware can help achieve the full potential of the hybrid cloud and get answers to important questions you may have. ExitCertified offers certification in VMware as well as other courses of which professionals can take advantage.

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