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Four Reasons to Find a Training Partner — Not Just a Training Provider

Victor Torgrimson | Thursday, January 28, 2021

Four Reasons to Find a Training Partner — Not Just a Training Provider

Digital transformation has been in the news for decades now, but as innovations develop, the phrase continually takes on new meanings.

Wherever you are in your own digital transformation, you are probably anticipating significant upgrades in your organization’s technology. And since you’re thinking about new technology, you may also be thinking about the training your organization will need to ensure it has the technical expertise to execute the initiatives necessary to your digital transformation. Technical learning often comes as an afterthought, with other focuses taking priority, but it is critical in helping your organization stay on track time- and budget-wise, and ultimately carrying out your initiatives to the fullest of their potential.

Instead of building and managing a training program in house, which often proves to be a significant challenge, many companies seek out a training provider to supply the courses needed to get their new technology up and running. Sometimes, this means going with a gray-market provider to cut costs. In the short term, the gray-market provider will deliver its training and your budget will be spared. But short-term thinking does not necessarily support the long-term realities and goals of digital transformation. 

To get the best results from your technology investment, don’t look for a training provider that will just send you login credentials and wish you luck. Instead, start looking for a training partner who will be there for you throughout the entire training journey. A training partner does more than just sell courses — they effectively become part of your organization, providing the ongoing training that unites your strategic goals with the full power of your technology.

Here are just a handful of reasons a training partner is your best and ultimately most cost-effective choice.

1. A training partner understands where business and technology merge

In a true training partnership, your partner is fully engaged in your business and is able to provide training opportunities that go beyond just job skills. A training partner’s depth and breadth of technical expertise can span both existing and emerging technologies, which means your internal teams can focus on core initiatives while the training partner focuses on identifying convenient, relevant training options that align with your business objectives and set you up for long-term success.

2. A training partner can help you find technology aligned to your goals

You don’t want to invest in technology and then find out it won’t serve your needs. The best training partner will deliver the necessary instruction before you make your choice. This advance training allows you to grow your own team of subject-matter experts and equip them to both recommend the right technology and assist with the planning, budgeting and implementation.

3. A training partner always has your future in mind

With a unique perspective into the market, the best training partner is thinking well beyond today’s technologies to set you up for success in the future. By anticipating and proactively recommending tomorrow’s innovations, your training partner can help you get ready to hit the ground running when great new products arrive.

4. A training partner can help maximize your training budget

The cost savings of ad hoc training are often misleading. If the training doesn’t move you closer to your long-term goals, it could end up being an expensive mistake. When consulted in the earliest stages of planning and budgeting, a training partner can help identify technology and skills gaps and then provide guidance on realistic training costs to fill those gaps efficiently.

Ready to add a training partner to your team?

Making your training partner an extension of your business enables them to deliver training that both empowers your employees and maximizes return on investment. With nearly 20 years of experience providing training of unsurpassed quality, ExitCertified is the training partner you need to begin developing an IT learning strategy that works both today and in the future.

The right training partner can also help you get the most value from every precious training dollar. For example, an ExitCertified Flex Account allows you to buy a year’s worth of training in advance, with your own corporate discounts already included in the price. And with ExitCertified’s Customer Enrollment Portal, your teams can book their own pre-approved courses, thus saving your administrative staff the burden of managing and paying for dozens of individual courses. In this webinar, we discuss the situation and challenges for businesses attempting to upskill IT employees to drive digital transformation and outline the benefits of a single point of contact for multi-vendor training.

Today, every credible enterprise understands the importance of ongoing training. The only question that remains is how that training will be secured. When you replace the search for a training provider with the search for a genuine training partner, you’re taking the first step to realizing the full potential of your digital transformation.

Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to see why ExitCertified is the best training partner for your enterprise.

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