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Getting the Right Cloud Training Is the Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Alexandra DiFresca | Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Getting the Right Cloud Training Is the Key to Successful Digital Transformation

It is hardly a secret that many organizations are facing a major talent shortage when it comes to having critical cloud capabilities and skills on their teams. This lack of talent often leads to digital transformation goals being hampered and cloud adoption being delayed. In fact, in 2019, nearly 80 percent of companies were undergoing some form of digital transformation. Yet, 90 percent of those businesses reported that they faced significant obstacles to success. Beyond that, in 2020, 94 percent of decision makers faced some form of barrier to cloud success with 86 percent noting that a shortage in qualified engineers would slow down cloud projects.

Cloud computing facilitates digital transformation, changing how the world does business by supporting the shift away from legacy IT systems to a system that easily adapts to changing organizational needs. Cloud training can help overcome some of the obstacles that CIOs and other IT leaders face by providing employees and IT professionals with the skills they need to use cloud technology to satisfy business objectives. Accelerating cloud adoption helps businesses to modernize infrastructure and make progress toward more technological collaboration. While it is often a challenge to train team members on technologies such as the cloud, it is imperative to create a pathway forward to reach your organization’s digital transformation goals for the future. In this webinar, we discuss the situation and challenges for businesses attempting to upskill IT employees to drive digital transformation and outline the benefits of a single point of contact for multi-vendor training.

The solution to the problem of a lack of cloud skills across organizations is to invest in cloud training. While the road to complete cloud training success might seem complex, companies have no other option but to focus on training for their employees. Balancing the need to achieve results immediately while planning strategically for the long-term technological future is highly important and is an objective that can be achieved. Today, cloud is far from just a cheaper option for storage and instead is a behemoth of a growth-oriented powerhouse geared towards driving innovation.

Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation

There are many reasons organizations are making or continue to make, the shift to cloud computing to achieve digital transformation goals. Perhaps your legacy IT systems can’t keep up with processing demand and you’re looking to capitalize on the digital economy or planning to capture the power of big data. Whatever the reason, digital transformation means that you are shifting a good portion of your computing infrastructure to the cloud. Operating in the cloud has several benefits, including:

  • Faster Prototyping and Deployment: The cloud provides a platform where you can quickly build, test and deploy apps without setting up and maintaining complex IT infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Businesses can retrieve and process information from anywhere and at any time, leading to improved collaboration and productivity among individuals, groups and organizations.
  • Better Mobility: The cloud helps to ensure secure mobile access to information through smartphones and other devices to staff, remote employees and freelance contractors.
  • Improved Security: Cloud hosting redundancy minimizes unexpected system outages and provides the ability to store and archive data in a secure medium.
  • Improved Visibility: It used to be said that “knowledge is power” but today, data is both power and money. The cloud provides actionable information based on tracking mechanisms and reports.
  • Loss Prevention: If all your company’s information resides on local computers and machines, you’re at greater risk of permanently losing your data if an unforeseen hardware problem were to arise.  
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Cloud systems are virtually infinitely scalable with resources available and relinquished as needed, reducing the need for server systems and IT staff.
  • Improved Flexibility and Efficiency: Cloud-based resources provide agility and flexibility without requiring investment in various IT infrastructure, eliminating the problem of system overload or over-provisioning.

Migrating to the cloud and maintaining an efficient cloud system for maximum benefit is not an easy task. While some organizations can leverage cloud benefits fairly easily, many organizations have complex cloud environment needs that not only require planning but up-to-date training on how to manage the cloud. Proper training is critical as it gives technical personnel the knowledge and skills they need for maximum productivity.

ExitCertified Vendor-Authorized Training

With high-quality training and improved business outcomes as your highest priority, vendor-authorized training is the ideal option. ExitCertified works closely with cloud technology vendors’ subject matter experts to provide the most up-to-date, accurate and applicable training available. As a vendor-authorized training partner, the curriculum is held to the same standards, uses the same course materials and facilitates the same labs as vendor-delivered training. Vendor-authorized training helps students understand the technology to confidently apply their knowledge, becoming more efficient and productive IT professionals.

ExitCertified vendor-certified classes encompass all leading cloud platforms as well as hybrid cloud and traditional data center brands. Some recent noteworthy ExitCertified awards include:

In all, ExitCertified delivers training courses for more than 25 brands and includes many free introductory resources available to prospective and existing clients. In addition to the vendors mentioned above, ExitCertified training topics include Docker, ASP, Veeam, Kubernetes, Oracle and more.

The Best Trainers in Cloud Technology

A cloud technology training class is only as good as the instructor delivering the material. ExitCertified instructors are subject matter experts and experienced teachers, award-winning professionals recognized by both partners and IT organizations. ExitCertified instructors continuously update their knowledge, staying at the forefront of technology advancements and training methodologies.

Each instructor must complete an entire certification process prior to teaching a class, providing students with confidence in the training quality and instructors are monitored weekly to ensure consistent quality. Technology vendors recognize the quality of ExitCertified instructors. For example, ExitCertified has the highest number of professional-level AWS instructors in North America, and AWS contracted with ExitCertified to augment their training staff when they did not have enough qualified instructors to meet training demand. ExitCertified students complete their training, having gained industry-recognized knowledge immediately applicable to the real world, improving their productivity and individual marketability.

From Start to Finish, We Help You Maximize Training Effectiveness

Whether you are just beginning the digital transformation journey or are well-established with cloud computing and need to stay up-to-date with current and emerging technologies, proper training is crucial. You may be a business enterprise interested in greater agility and efficiency, an IT professional interested in visibility and performance or a government department interested in security and efficiency. No matter what your specific objectives are, ExitCertified can help. ExitCertified is an industry-leading IT training company with over 9,500 vendor-authorized training courses, including the leading names in cloud technology. ExitCertified instructors are subject matter experts and experienced teachers, award-winning professionals recognized by both partners and IT organizations. On top of all of that, ExitCertified’s customer service starts before class begins and continues beyond course completion.

To learn more about how you can accelerate your success in cloud computing and digital transformation, visit the cloud training page here.

ExitCertified is a leading worldwide provider of award-winning, vendor-approved IT training. Since 2001, we’ve been helping our customers build the skills they need to thrive in an era of non-stop digital transformation. Today, we deliver more than 9,500 authorized courses for more than two dozen brands.

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