How to Build a Bright Career With a Microsoft Azure Certification

Greg Lyon | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How to Build a Bright Career With a Microsoft Azure Certification

As many people are looking to change careers, the technology industry a great field to consider. Technology industries are booming, and cloud computing solutions — and many other apps and services we rely on — have become necessary for those working from home.

Used by more than half of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud computing service. Azure gives users access to data storage and a wide range of services, including managing and modifying data, and helps businesses share important information, organize data and overcome challenges.

If you're considering pursuing Azure certification, we’re here to share its most relevant benefits and how to build a career around it.

Why Can Microsoft Azure Do?

Technology is a huge part of our world right now and will only grow in the future. Microsoft Azure is pioneering this growth, and it offers incredible potential, especially for businesses — across all sectors and industries. Achieving an Azure certification means you can be part of this growth and benefit from its potential, too.

The Azure website promotes solutions to challenges in all kinds of industries, including healthcare, government, manufacturing, game development, media and entertainment, retail and financial services. Because of its huge range of products and services as well as its ability to cater to so many different businesses, Azure is becoming increasingly popular. Big names such eBay, Boeing, Samsung and BMW are using Azure, so a certification in Azure could open up a career in almost any industry.

Azure offers a range of free products alongside the ones you can pay for. It also offers different services each month for free — to be used for a year. Some of the categories its products and solutions fall into are below. If a service piques your interest, consider seeking a role and training that includes it.

Application Development

From e-commerce to gaming, you can build, develop and test your app across any platform and enjoy serverless computing, data collection and security.

Artificial Intelligence

Mine data and analyze it quickly and simply. Tackle all your business data at once.

Cloud Migration

Using tools and guidance, move all your workloads to Azure and continue working in a way that you're used to with added simplicity and efficiency.

Data and Analytics

Improve your business intelligence and your ability to make decisions based on data. Use Blockchain to reduce fraud and speed up shared record-keeping.

Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure

Azure is leading the way when it comes to the cloud, with worry-free backups and recoveries, high-performance computing and excellent cloud solutions.


With data abound, ensure compliance and protect your data with built-in cloud governance solutions.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure Certification

Achieving a Microsoft Azure certification will help you learn the skills and gain the hands-on experience you need for the workplace of today and the future. Additionally, an Azure certification helps prove to employers that you have these skills.

Certifications are role-based, so first pick a field you're interested in and then find the certification that's right for you. There are three levels of Azure certification, depending on your current experience or knowledge: fundamentals, associate and expert. Certifications require an exam to pass and they expire after two years, meaning you must renew your certification to keep it updated. We cover this information and more in our article, “All About Microsoft Azure Certifications: Your Questions, Answered.

Career Advancement

Not only will an Azure certification make you stand out among other candidates, but it will also help you develop your career. Certification can bring promotions, additional responsibilities and a higher salary, as employers will appreciate and recognize the certification, and it shows you're committed to your field and your career.

Flexible Working

Many workplaces are moving to remote working arrangements. An Azure certification is perfect for working from home since the services it providers are built to accommodate working with people remotely and sharing information across separate locations.

If you're looking for a flexible career, technology is the way to go, and Azure can open a lot of doors. Since the roles and skills associated with Azure are applicable across many industries, you can also be flexible in who you work for and where. 

Costs and Earnings

The cost of certification varies, but the training and certification can be relatively inexpensive compared to the returns you will get. Nigel Frank International reports that salaries for junior-level Azure administrators start at $80,000; junior-level developers at $115,000; and junior-level solution architects at $130,000.

Convenient Training Courses

There are many training courses and certification paths ranging from architecture to development and administration that can help you prepare for the exam needed to achieve Azure certification. They range in price and offer flexibility based on your learning goals and other commitments. 

ExitCertified offers a variety of flexible, vendor-approved training options, guaranteed to run courses and customized and private group training to help you build your career with Azure certification.

Get Certified Today

Certification can be key to obtaining a career working with Microsoft Azure, and cloud-based computing and remote working are likely to become more popular and grow in demand. Achieving Azure certification enables you to explore and progress through many opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

Take the next step on your journey to a brighter future and a new career with training and certification for Microsoft Azure from ExitCertified.

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