How To Get Your Veeam VMCE 2021 Certification

Rachel Gillis | Wednesday, October 20, 2021

How To Get Your Veeam VMCE 2021 Certification

Enterprise data collection is expected to exceed 2.02PB (PetaBytes) by 2022—more than doubling since 2020. Safeguarding that data has become more complex too. It's spread across internal and external data centers, cloud repositories, and other locations. And it's only getting more complex. That's because the shift to the multi-cloud ecosystem is accelerating. That's created a demand for agile data protection solutions like Veeam. It's also created a demand for Veeam certified engineers.

Veeam training can give you the expertise you need. Here's everything you need to know about getting your Veeam Certification (VMCE 2021)

What Exactly Is Veeam?

Veeam Software is a privately held US-based information technology company. It's owned by Insight Partners. Veeam specializes in backup, disaster recovery, and Modern Data Protection. Their software works for virtual, physical, and multi-cloud infrastructures.

The demands of modern computing necessitate the development of robust data protection solutions. Traditional data protection was reactive. Modern Data Protection, like Veeam, uses a proactive approach.

It uses predictive analytics to catch data storage issues before they happen. Modern Data Protection relies on active-active clustering. Client workloads are distributed across multiple nodes in a cluster. That provides maximum performance and always-on data availability even if a component fails. 

The Veeam Availability Suite provides Modern Data Protection. It can backup data residing in physical and cloud systems. It offers a single platform to handle it all. That includes cloud, virtual, physical, SaaS, and Kubernetes data management and protection.

Who Should Seek Veeam Certification?

Is your company is already working in a Veeam environment or is considering doing so? Then you'll need a Veeam certified engineer. Someone on your IT team needs to understand this powerful data protection solution.

Veeam certification will allow your team to create a safer and more secure network. They'll know how to proactively protect your critical data. They'll have thVeeam'sty to Veeam's adapt to your organization's evolving data protection needs.

Ensuring you have VMCE certified staff helps increase productivity and reduce operating costs. That's because there's no need to call in outside help. Your IT team will have it covered.

Are you looking for personal career advancement and industry recognition? Earning the latest VCME certification can give you a leg up. Veeam training makes you more valuable to your current team. And you'll be an industry-recognized expert on Veeam software solutions.

VMCE IT Training Prerequisites

VMCE certification training isn't for technology beginners. You will need some IT training to successfully complete the course. If you're already managing a Veeam backup and data protection system, you should be good to go.

Experienced IT professionals are the target students. You should have a firm understanding of servers, storage, networking, and virtualization.

Even with this background, Veeam recommends completing their introductory Veeam Availability Suite class. It's available via on-demand training at Veeam University. The course is free but must register to take it.

About the Veeam Certification Course

The VMCE Veeam training course has eleven parts, all covered in a three-day session. That includes extensive hands-on labs. It's offered through a series of in-person classes. There are classes scheduled in various cities across the United States and Canada. It's about 60% theory and 40% lab work.

It's also available as a three-day interactive virtual class. These live, instructor-led classes offer a fully immersive experience. The interactive experience includes hands-on labs with real-time support. Closed courses for larger groups and customized Veeam training are also available.

Each Veeam training option will give you the education you need to manage your data solution. By the end of the VMCE certification course, you should be able to:

  • Describe Veeam Availability Suite components usage scenarios
  • Demonstrate how to work with Veeam components in your environment,
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting and analysis
  • Effectively manage data availability in on-site, off-site, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Set and meet both Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)
  • Configure and deploy Veeam Availability Suite effectively in your environment
  • Ensure adequate data protection while safeguarding maximum CPU performance
  • Adapt to your organization's changing technology and data protection needs
  • Maintain data and storage recoverability
  • Ensure solutions are effective, efficient, and secure, and that it satisfies business requirements
  • Provide ongoing visibility of all data assets
  • Produce reports and dashboards to monitor performance and risks

ExitCertified |Tech Data is a VMCE authorized education center. As such, we use a curriculum that Veeam has vetted. That includes all course materials and labs. Our courses are considered the gold standard for Veeam certification.

Sitting the Exam

You must complete the Veeam certification course before taking the VMCE certification exam. It's required.

The exam will test the knowledge you gained in the Veeam training course. It will also cover Veeam product release notes and user guides. That's why you need about six months of professional experience before you take the exam.

Upon completion of this specialized IT training, you can purchase an exam voucher. You'll schedule your Veeam certification exam through the Veeam website. Pearson VUE proctors the exams.

During the VMCE certification exam, you will have 60 minutes to answer 50 questions. You must earn a score of 70% to pass the exam and earn VMCE certification.

Upon passing the Veeam certification exam, you will receive a Veeam completion certificate. Veeam also offers successful candidates priority access to technical support.

Get Industry-Leading Veeam Training

Want to know how to get a Veeam VMCE certification? Take the required classes at a Veeam authorized training center, then sit the exam for VMCE 2021.

ExitCertified has been an authorized Veeam training center since 2016. We were named the 2020 Veeam Authorized Education Center of the Year – Americas.

We offer both VMCE and VMCA-A: D&O training. You can take classes in person. Or take them online via our exclusive live virtual platform. ExitCertified is your North American IT training hub. Find your Veeam certification class today.

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