iMVP: The Full Classroom Experience from Anywhere in the World 


Although virtual training has been available for decades, it still garners a negative reputation due to faulty connectivity, poor sound quality and limited visual aids—all of which make its capabilities pale in comparison to the traditional, instructor-led classroom experience. If your perception of virtual training has kept you from booking a course, ExitCertified can change that with our exclusive remote-learning technology: iMVP.

What is the iMVP Platform?

iMVP stands for Individual Multimedia Video Presence, and the key word here is “presence.”

The platform allows students to be completely immersed in the lesson and participate with the same capabilities as in-person attendees. We’ve made a serious investment in high-definition video and audio technology, which means students can focus on course content and discussions instead of worrying about what they can’t see or hear.

In designing iMVP, we understood that the technology was only half the battle. We also needed to assure our students that a superior learning experience was our responsibility, and not theirs. We have embraced our obligation to create a seamless technical environment that allows our students to have the same quality of learning that’s found in our live classrooms.

5 Ways iMVP Redefines Virtual Training

  1. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
  2. Highly Trained Production Team
  3. Interactive, Face-to-Face Experience 
  4. Proactive Help and Support
  5. Perfecting Virtual Training Since 2012

Download the iMVP infographic to learn more.

iMVP Producers Ensure a Seamless Training Experience

At ExitCertified, we see training as a live performance. That’s why there’s a team of full-time iMVP producers behind every class whose sole job is to ensure a flawless learning experience for you, the student. But it doesn’t start at the time of the lesson—each producer works with the iMVP Tech team well in advance of your course to make sure your virtual classroom meets the highest connectivity standards. This ensures you get as much one-on-one support as you need to set up your voice, video and lab environments for the lesson before it starts. And while the course is in session, your producer will monitor your connection in the background and address any issues the moment they arise, allowing your instructor to remain solely focused on delivering quality training.

Reasons to choose iMVP

iMVP Kits

When you register for an iMVP course, we send you a kit that includes your webcam, headset and the contact information for your iMVP producer. While you may own your own tools, we provide you with everything you need for a completely satisfying learning experience, minimizing the chance of technical glitches that could compromise the classroom experience for everyone.

iMVP Web Setup

With iMVP you’ll be ready for the lesson in just a few clicks, whether you’re on a PC or Mac. Your setup process is automated with Windows Installer, which delivers the software for your classroom and lab environments in a single package. You’ll have access to help from your iMVP producer at every stage, and your setup status will be monitored in real time by our producers, allowing any issues to be addressed and resolved before your class begins. While virtual training has had a challenge in keeping up with the live classroom experience, today you can leverage a complete virtual experience with ExitCertified’s iMVP and get the full benefits of the classroom, no matter where you are.

What Courses are offered through iMVP?

To see courses offered through iMVP, view any category below, find a course, select schedule and choose ‘iMVP only’ as location.

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