Learner Engagement and Knowledge Retention Get a Major Boost With Live Virtual

Victor Torgrimson | Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Learner Engagement and Knowledge Retention Get a Major Boost With Live Virtual

With each passing year, organizations become more and more comfortable using virtual training to upgrade employee skills, as it offers the kind of cost-effectiveness, convenience and reliable delivery that in-person training just can’t match. But there’s still an underlying concern that virtual learning isn’t as engaging or memorable as what you get from the traditional classroom experience. Fortunately, that concern disappears when you choose live training via ExitCertified’s Live Virtual platform. And we have the data to prove it.

From November 2019 to November 2020, Live Virtual students spent more than 277,500 hours learning on the platform. And when they used high-definition webcam and headset (shipped to students in advance of their course), their satisfaction ratings soared to an average of 4.79 out of 5.*

When it comes to learner engagement, this key data point demonstrates that the superior technology of Live Virtual makes all the difference. Our two-way video and audio allow students to chat and collaborate in real time with their instructors and classmates. If a student has questions during one of our hands-on labs, the instructor can immediately join there to help. And with Live Virtual, dedicated, live production and technical support teams are operating in the background at all times, meaning that students and their instructors can stay 100% focused on learning and teaching at all times. That’s the goal of Live Virtual: to employ advanced technology so seamlessly that fully immersive learning becomes possible.

We launched and designed Live Virtual in an effort to set a new standard in virtual training, and judging from the customer feedback, our students agree. One application developer said: “At first, I was a bit skeptical about the quality of this course as I have not taken virtual training in the past…[but] the quality was much better than anticipated, and the video component engaged me with the instructor and other students. I would recommend Live Virtual!”  Learn more about why our students are so satisfied by checking out this infographic that shows the 5 ways ExitCertified redefines virtual training

ExitCertified has long been a pioneer in online training, and we’ve been refining and perfecting our virtual formats since 2012. To date, our Live Virtual platform has delivered instruction to more than 31,000 students in 67 countries.** Wherever you are, Live Virtual gives you the same top-quality, vendor-approved training you’d receive in a live ExitCertified classroom. Additionally, Live Virtual training is available for all leading technology brands.
There’s no shortage of opportunities to train virtually today. But with the wrong platform, you could end up struggling to learn and retain what you’re taught. Choosing Live Virtual gives you high-quality, certified content via technology that’s specifically designed to be immersive, engaging and effective. If you’re looking to maximize the value of your virtual-training dollar, ExitCertified’s Live Virtual is your obvious choice. Learn more about the Live Virtual experience today.

View our Live Virtual Datasheet

*Data sourced from 12 months of Live Virtual student history (through November 2020)

**As of August 2020