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How AWS Machine Learning Services Can Help You Work Smarter

Matthew George | Thursday, July 22, 2021

How AWS Machine Learning Services Can Help You Work Smarter

As time goes on, your organization must take advantage of developing technology and enhance your workforces potential with vital tools to streamline tasks and processes. Today, machine learning (ML) is one of the most promising utilities that you can integrate. Let's take a look at notable AWS machine learning services that your company can benefit from. 


For those unfamiliar with this technology, chatbots can automate a large number of tasks. More specifically, these are tasks that would otherwise need to be performed by humans. Some of the most notable include onboarding and handling minor customer satisfaction issues. In this case, Amazon Lex also incorporates speech recognition to help streamline this task. In practice, this helps keep the interaction with the bot feeling as natural as possible. This means users can avoid awkward encounters that don't quite answer the concerns or questions they have. This can often allow users to convey their thoughts more effectively. They will feel as though they are communicating with an actual person. This type of software is also highly scalable, allowing it to easily accommodate the increasing size of your organization. 

Fraud Prevention 

Fraud is one of the most significant issues that online businesses face today. In fact, businesses typically lose a combined total of over $3 trillion each year to fraudulent activity. This AWS tool can leverage information that stems from over 20 years of fraud detection. However, it can also integrate machine learning to recognize new behaviors that arise quickly. This allows your business to become more effective at detecting fraudulent activity. You can also do so faster than before. As time goes on, this software will only become more accurate as it learns from new behavior. As such, you're able to minimize the impact that fraud has on your company. This is also something that can prove to save you a significant amount of money in the future. 


One of the most time-consuming tasks that organizations of all types have to perform is communicating through writing. Fortunately, there is a highly effective alternative. Transcription leverages speech-to-text capabilities to convert audio into written text. Through the implementation of machine learning, Amazon Transcribe is able to set itself apart from other software. This is due to the fact that it is capable of quickly providing highly accurate results. In practice, this allows users to seamlessly transcribe customer service calls, generate metadata for different media assets, and even automate subtitles. When performed manually, these tasks often take a significant amount of time. They may even detract from the core responsibilities of your organization. In some cases, you may even that your productivity suffers as a result. You can even customize a vocabulary list for Amazon Transcribe that allows you to mask or omit certain words in order to help protect your brand. 

Document Analysis 

Similar to written communication, reading documents is often a time-consuming process. However, this scenario becomes more complicated when dealing with hardcopies of documentation. Amazon Textract makes use of AI and machine learning that is capable of extracting handwritten text and data. After scanning a document, you will simply need to run this program in order to seamlessly translate the information into a digital file. 

This software also extracts data from any type of document. Users will be pleased to learn that no manual configuration is required. One of the most important benefits to recognize is its capability to extract both structured and unstructured data. Since this program attempts to read a document as a human would, it is able to recognize tables, forms, and layouts. It's also able to do so without and from any custom code. 

Image/Video Analysis 

The visual counterpart to Amazon Textract is Amazon Rekognition. As the name suggests, this software can identify specific scenes and objects within images. Not only can it accomplish this with a high level of accuracy, but it's highly efficient at doing so. This is particularly useful for organizations that frequently deal with a high number of images. In fact, Amazon Rekognition is able to accurately analyze millions of images in just a few minutes. In context, this could be used for facial recognition/detection as well as content moderation. 

Real-Time Translation 

Many companies deal with international clients on a regular basis. However, it's not always easy to circumvent the natural language barriers. Occasionally, this could prevent you from securing deals that you otherwise would have. It may also impact the overall level of customer satisfaction you are able to provide. Fortunately, Amazon Translate can leverage machine learning to provide a high-quality, fast translation. Many organizations find this especially useful for translating large amounts of text. The same can be said about localizing content for applications or websites. As you might expect, accurate translation software can also improve how you are able to communicate with your users. This can have a drastic impact on the efficacy of your customer service. Keep this in mind when moving forward. It can help you determine how you can integrate machine learning into your organization. 

Integrating AWS Machine Learning Services Can Be Highly Beneficial 

The above guide will help you understand the potential applications they have. This will allow you to take full advantage of AWS machine learning services and take your company's performance to new heights. 

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