Share your Identity Access Management Credentials with ForgeRock Digital Badges

The ExitCertified Team | Friday, April 26, 2019

Share your Identity Access Management Credentials with ForgeRock Digital Badges

ForgeRock Digital Badges Explained 

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global IAM (Identity Access Management) market is expected to reach $22.68 billion by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 13%. 

The growing IAM market trend is clear proof that there is a huge demand for Identity Access Management expertise. IT professionals with ID and access management skills are in high demand because of the increasing growth in the use of cloud computing and mobile technologies. Identity is a term no longer associated with just people, but also to applications, services, and devices that companies use today. With the IoT expected to connect more than 200 billion devices and the use of digital technologies soaring at an all-time high, the demand for identity access management skills will continue to increase over the years to come. 

Today’s IAM professionals are required to understand multiple security architectures and solutions. The professionals maintaining identity systems have one of the most holistic jobs in the IT industry, requiring them to understand everything from identity management, access management, to Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).  It is one of the fastest-growing careers, offering various job roles in IAM to candidates with access management and information security expertise. 

There are plentiful career opportunities for practitioners with ID and access management digital skills, as they are critical for organizations who want to stay competitive. But how do you develop the right digital skills and showcase your expertise? Well, career coaches at ExitCertified suggest you become a master of deploying ForgeRock technology-based identity solutions. Becoming a ForgeRock master isn’t easy - it requires a disciplined approach to learning in order to gain recognition and credentials. The best way to show your progress as a ForgeRock expert, is when you earn ForgeRock Digital Badges for the skills and certifications you’ve acquired. 

Manage, Share and Verify Your Competencies with 

ForgeRock Digital Badges 

Digital badges are like mini certificates, but in digital format. They can be earned by an individual for completing activities and tasks, or mastering concepts. For instance, one can earn a digital badge for successfully completing many of the access management lessons from Access Management Training at ExitCertified. These digital badges can be included in your resume and online through your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your Identity Access Management skills and achievements to prospective employers. 

ForgeRock digital badges mean individuals can share their specialized skills and success stories online with single click access that validates these ForgeRock accomplishments. ForgeRock digital badges are a convenient way to communicate one’s AM and IDM skills to employers. 

Finding the right talent for access and identity management skills is critical to the success of a modern business. That’s why ForgeRock is determined to build the best talent ecosystem of ForgeRock masters, through 5 different levels of expertise reflected in their digital badges 

  1. Knowledge – This is the most basic ForgeRock digital badge that validates a professional’s expertise about ForgeRock Access Management and ForgeRock Identity Management products and also validates industry knowledge across different industry verticals like: Retail, FINSERV, Auto, Govt, Telecom, Media, and Manufacturing. 
  2. Skills - Having acquired the relevant product and industry knowledge, the career path to becoming a ForgeRock master required acquiring the core and advanced skills related to Access Management, Identity Management, Directory Services, Identity gateway, IoT, and DevOps. 
  3. Certifications – Having acquired the Knowledge and Skills badges, professionals can pursue the ForgeRock expert career path with Access Management Certification and Identity Management Certification. 
  4. Proficiency – The ForgeRock proficiency level badge accredits the professionals with a ForgeRock solution specialist role. 
  5. Achievement – This is the ultimate gold standard ForgeRock accredited status, showcasing your expertise as a ForgeRock Master.   

Each of these ForgeRock digital badges can be combined to form a complete overview of the progression of your ForgeRock skills and accomplishments. Each digital badge has verified metadata that describes your ForgeRock badges and the process required to earn them. 

How to share your ForgeRock Digital Badge?  

It is obvious once you earn a ForgeRock digital badge, you want to let your prospective employers know about it. Communicating digital identity skills and certifications to the prospective employers in this ever-expanding and competitive world is challenging. Every digital badge has a unique URL making it easy to share it with your prospective employers and give them an idea on how much of a skilled ForgeRock expert you are. ForgeRock digital badges can be shared as a proof of your digital identity skills wherever and whenever you want. ForgeRock digital badges can be shared across multiple online platforms such as LinkedIn, email signatures, resumes, or on your personal website. 

IT Professionals sharing their ForgeRock badges

Want to climb up the digital identity skills success ladder and become a ForgeRock Superhero? Check out ExitCertified’s list of ForgeRock Training to pursue your dream career as a ForgeRock expert.

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