Simplifying Training with a Customer Enrollment Portal

Matthew George | Thursday, February 13, 2020

Simplifying Training with a Customer Enrollment Portal

In 2020, you’d have a hard time finding a successful organization that doesn’t believe in the value of ongoing training. Everyone understands that today’s IT skills need constant upgrading, and an enterprise-wide training program is the most practical way to make that happen. At the same time, though, everyone recognizes the elephant in the room: Planning and paying for training can be a huge administrative burden that nobody has the time or desire to manage.

About the Customer Enrollment Portal

That’s why so many organizations are already signing up for ExitCertified’s new Customer Enrollment Portal. It gives your company a dedicated platform — white-labeled with your company logo — for the smooth management of all your training. With a Customer Enrollment Portal, you no longer have to spend time fielding employee training requests. Now, your employees can browse, choose their own preapproved courses and create learning plans that align with your company’s strategic priorities. It’s a simple, elegant way to connect your organization to more than 9,500 courses from dozens of leading vendors.


Benefits of the Customer Enrollment Portal 

Simplified administration is just one of the benefits you get with the Customer Enrollment Portal. Now, for the first time, you’ll have instant visibility into the value and impact of your training programs. The Customer Enrollment Portal allows for the real-time monitoring and fine-tuning of your budgets and learning plans. And, as you start seeing the results of the training you’ve approved, you’ll be free to adjust your plans on the fly. You can give training access to all your personnel or just to select individuals. And if your strategy is focused on certain technology stacks and brands, you can customize those choices with just a couple of clicks.


Get Discounts with a Flex Account

To make the administration of your training program even simpler, ask for an ExitCertified Flex Account. Your Flex Account lets you buy your entire year’s training in advance at pre-discounted prices. With your program in place, you can allocate courses as needed throughout your organization. A Flex Account saves you money on every course, meaning you’ll be getting more value from each year’s budget, with fewer worries about unused training dollars.

With an ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal and Flex Account, the headaches of training management are gone. Now, you can look forward to planning a training program that delivers visible results and undeniable value.