The Best of the Best: ExitCertified’s 2020 Instructor of the Year

Kerrie Redmond | Friday, August 20, 2021

The Best of the Best: ExitCertified’s 2020 Instructor of the Year

Qualifying as an ExitCertified instructor is an unusual achievement all by itself. Our instructors have an average of 27 years of IT experience, and they have each taught IT courses for an average of 17 years. More than two-thirds of them continue to serve as industry consultants and, together, they typically earn student satisfaction scores of 97%.

So when Sean Mohseni was named ExitCertified’s Instructor of the Year for a second year in a row, we knew that Sean and his outstanding track record deserved a closer look.

Sean began his career teaching IBM, but later switched specialties to focus on AWS. Today, he offers the expertise behind seven different certifications:

With his depth and breadth of AWS knowledge, Sean has earned the coveted AWS title of Champion — Authorized Instructor, a badge reserved for trainers who are approved to deliver at least four distinct AWS courses, including at least one professional certification.

Sean’s student reviews are every bit as impressive as his credentials. Students consistently give him average ratings of 4.8/5, while he scores an average of 4.9/5 on his expertise. His courses are in demand throughout North America, and he is now working to add Google Cloud to his list of certifications.

Sean brings a real sense of mission to his work at ExitCertified. “We address students’ skill gaps so they can get certified quickly and immediately use their new knowledge to take on more advanced projects and complete them successfully,” he says. “This means that organizations can develop new product lines more quickly and keep pace with trending technologies.”

Sean’s passion for training is infectious, and it shows up clearly in the student feedback. “Sean was fantastic and incredibly knowledgeable,” wrote one learner. Said another, “(This was) the most excellent, well put together AND INTENSE technical training I have ever taken.”

We can’t clone Sean to teach all of our courses, but fortunately, that’s not necessary. All ExitCertified instructors are chosen for their knowledge, their flexibility, their communication skills and their ability to engage students. Our instructors must be able to teach the authorized material of at least two vendors, and they’re are all required to keep pace with developments in their subject areas. We believe in ongoing training for everyone, and not just our students. That’s why, for every three days they spend training others, ExitCertified instructors spend one day upgrading and expanding their own technical knowledge.

And passing the vendor exams is just part of what it takes to keep teaching at ExitCertified. Our instructors are monitored weekly to ensure that our students are getting consistent quality across all our courses.

It’s clear that our instructors appreciate the ExitCertified difference as much as our students do: Our turnover is low, and we continue to offer North America’s largest roster of professional-level AWS instructors.

We’re thrilled to be recognizing Sean Mohseni’s achievements once again. And we’re proud to know that Sean’s level of professional excellence is something you can expect from every one of our trainers in every one of our courses. Our deep commitment to supporting our students and their organizations has won us training partner awards from IBM, VMware, Mirantis (Docker), Tableau, Veeam, Nutanix, Microsoft and, yes, AWS. We look forward to delivering that same quality of training to you.

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