The Value of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Certifications

Susan Asher | Friday, March 31, 2023

The Value of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Certifications

ExitCertified is an Oracle-authorized training partner that offers comprehensive Oracle certification courses for IT professionals. With a long history of providing quality Oracle training, ExitCertified is the go-to source for individuals looking to gain expertise in the field of database management and cloud computing. 

Our company offers a wide range of Oracle certifications that help demonstrate an individual's mastery of the fundamentals of cloud infrastructure and provides them with the skills necessary to effectively utilize OCI platform solutions. ExitCertified provides a variety of online learning options both for those who prefer self-paced study and for those who prefer live classes. Our courses cover a wide variety of topics spanning many different aspects of effective OCI implementation and use.

For those seeking additional assistance in preparing for their OCI Foundations Certification exam, ExitCertified also offers a skills assessment feature that allows students to gauge their knowledge before taking the actual test. This assessment includes Oracle cloud infrastructure foundations questions and answers related to cloud infrastructure, such as networking concepts, storage services, compute services, configuration options, identity access management principles, and more. After completing this assessment successfully, students will be provided with detailed feedback on their performance to help them identify areas where they need further improvement before taking the official Oracle certification exam.

Oracle Cloud Certification Path

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a comprehensive cloud platform that provides organizations with the tools and resources they need to build, deploy, and manage their cloud-based applications. IT professionals need to have a good understanding of OCI to maximize this potential. To this end, Oracle offers two different OCI certification paths ― the Associate Learning Path and the Professional Learning Path ― which provide individuals with the knowledge they need to effectively use OCI services.

The Associate Learning Path focuses on helping individuals maintain their Oracle Cloud Infrastructures (OCI). It covers topics such as the management of storage resources, OCI networking features, available services, and more. It is designed for individuals who are just starting to learn about Oracle and want to expand their knowledge to better operate an actual OCI environment.

The Professional Learning Path provides strong knowledge in architecting infrastructure using OCI services. This learning pathway helps IT-focused individuals gain expertise in designing highly available architectures that are secure and cost-effective and provide scalability for future growth. The Professional Learning path is specially designed for individuals who are going to complete the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Foundations Certification Exam. This exam tests an individual’s ability to implement solutions using OCI services following best practices.

Both learning paths provide valuable knowledge that IT professionals can use to either get certified on OCI or simply improve their skills when working with this powerful cloud platform. When considering which Oracle certification path is best suited for you or your organization, it is important to consider what type of role you will be playing within your organization as well as what level of expertise you need when working with OCI services. Which oracle certification is best ultimately depends on a multitude of factors.

Is OCI Certification Worth It?

An Oracle Certification is a highly respected IT credential that reflects your expertise in using Oracle products. It is also a great way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a database administrator or business analyst. An OCI certification can help open doors to career advancement opportunities and higher salaries across many industries utilizing cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

Having an OCI credential shows employers that you have invested time and effort into honing your skill set, which is something employers look for when hiring. ExitCertified offers several different Oracle certifications, each with its own cost and benefits. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) certifications are becoming increasingly popular and in demand in the IT industry. An OCI certification is designed to demonstrate a deep understanding of OCI services, architecture, and best practices for deploying applications on OCI. Oracle certifications worth getting include both associate- and professional-level certifications.

OCI certifications are gaining traction due to the increased demand for digital transformation in organizations. As businesses move away from traditional IT infrastructures, cloud computing has become an essential part of their IT strategy. To ensure that their IT teams can successfully manage cloud-based workloads on OCI, employers are looking for individuals who possess the skills necessary to do so. By obtaining an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification, individuals can demonstrate their competency in managing these workloads on the platform. 

To manage workloads, organizations are focusing on automating processes and optimizing performance. To do that, developers must be familiar with tools like Terraform and Ansible, which help you manage cloud deployments using code instead of manual configuration changes. Having an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification will demonstrate a deep understanding of these tools and best practices when using them on OCI. 

Obtaining an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification is increasingly important for individuals who want to remain competitive in today’s market. OCI certification demonstrates their knowledge of deploying applications on Oracle and managing related processes.

An OCI exam is usually taken after completing a course or receiving hands-on experience with specific products from the Oracle suite. The OCI certification cost can be high, but it’s an investment in yourself and your professional career. Getting certified by taking an ExitCertified OCI course can be beneficial if you’re looking to get ahead in your career or just want to validate your expertise in working with various technologies from within the Oracle suite of products. 

While certification does come at a cost, it can be well worth the expense if you’re serious about advancing your career and making sure you have all the necessary skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive IT landscape.

OCI Certification List

ExitCertified offers a comprehensive Oracle cloud certification list for professionals looking to expand their skills and knowledge. Depending on your experience level and goals, the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) program provides a variety of certifications that can help you stay ahead in the competitive IT industry. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certification is broken down into two categories: associate and professional.

The OCP associate-level certifications are designed for entry-level professionals with basic knowledge of Oracle database technology. The Oracle cloud infrastructure foundations associate certification covers topics such as database architecture, installation and configuration, SQL fundamentals, and data manipulation for those who are just starting. As an Oracle-certified foundations associate, you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of essential concepts in database administration and development. 

If you’re an experienced professional looking to take your career to the next level, ExitCertified also offers higher-level OCP certifications. These certifications are perfect for those who have mastered foundational concepts and are ready to dive deeper into more advanced topics like performance tuning or object-oriented programming. 

For professionals interested in cloud computing solutions, ExitCertified also offers Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) certification classes that cover topics such as cloud architecture design principles, security best practices, automation strategies, and more. With these certifications under your belt, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle complex challenges related to cloud infrastructure management and deployment. 

No matter what stage of your career you’re at or what type of job role you’re aiming for, ExitCertified has an OCI certification class that can help you boost your resume and get a new job. By reviewing the comprehensive OCI certifications list and the courses available online or in classroom settings, you can gain valuable insight into the best ways to use Oracle technologies.

OCI Foundation Certification Cost

The OCI Foundation Certification is a certification program designed to demonstrate an individual's fundamental knowledge of public cloud services provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This certification is suitable for both non-technical professionals, as well as those with a technical background who want to further utilize and advance their knowledge around core OCI services. 

In addition to demonstrating your understanding of public cloud services provided by OCI, this certification also shows that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products. Obtaining an OCI Foundation Certification can be beneficial for individuals looking to demonstrate their expertise in public cloud services provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

OCI certification can provide valuable insight into how to use Oracle’s services. In addition, workers can learn how to identify potential issues and risks associated with using these products and services. An OCI Foundation certification helps signal to employers that you possess the necessary skills and knowledge required for success when working with Oracle.

The Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) certification cost and Oracle cloud infrastructure foundations associate certification cost are both well worth the investments. The certification is a mark of excellence that can provide you with recognition among your peers and professional growth. This industry-recognized credential will help boost your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities. With an OCP certification, employers are more likely to recognize your skills and experience and allow you to take on higher-level roles.

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