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Top Interview Questions for Cloud Job Roles

Matthew George | Monday, August 23, 2021

Top Interview Questions for Cloud Job Roles

Cloud-based roles are growing in numbers on the market. This guide covers some of the key questions you could be asked at an interview.

94% of enterprises are now believed to be operating using either one cloud server or multiple cloud solutions. This means that at your new job interview, it’s likely that your knowledge of cloud solutions will at least be briefly mentioned. You could also decide to apply for a cloud job role. This could include a position as a cloud engineer or a cloud administrator.

Understanding what questions you might be asked during an interview for a position like this will help improve your chances of gaining the role. Being aware of the typical interview questions can also give you the upper hand against other people who might be applying for the same role. So, let’s look at some of the key questions that you should be asked and the talking points that you might want to be aware of.

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What Is the Cloud?

This can also be given in the form of “what is cloud computing?” This is designed to assess your basic understanding of cloud computing. You might have heard that employers will typically decide whether you are hirable in the first five minutes of an interview. Questions like this weed out the weakest candidates immediately.

Typically, the best way to approach this question is to provide a brief, concise answer that is to the point and addresses the main elements. Speak about how it is a system of networks storage services and hardware that works together to provide computers as a service. Explain how users can access various services around the globe. [Learn more in our article: The 4 Types of Cloud Computing Services.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

This should be easy for anyone with even the most basic knowledge of cloud computing. It will allow you to get comfortable in the interview firing off some key benefits including advanced security, high levels of efficiency, increased productivity, and a more cost-effective scalable service. Remember, these are introductory questions, so employers won’t be searching for in-depth answers here.

Describe The Different Cloud Service Models Available?

Here, interviewers are expecting you to reference:

  • IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
  • Paas - Platform as a Service
  • SaaS - Software as a service

Each of these options provides their own advantages and they have key features. You need to make sure that you understand their different characteristics before your interview and the important differences. [Learn more in our article: The 3 Cloud Computing Service Delivery Models Explained].

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Cloud Computing Services?

The majority of businesses use either Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud. Therefore, you can mention these if you are asked what some of the most popular cloud computing services are on the market today. If you have key statistics relating to these services, then that is more impressive. You could also reference the fact that AWS is dominating the market because it started before a lot of the competition. Essentially, all the other names are playing catch up. 

What Is Multi-Cloud?

A lot of businesses are now switching to a multi-cloud solution or system. So, it wouldn’t be completely out of the blue if an employer decided to ask you about this. Essentially, it refers to when multiple clouds are used in one system, often from different providers. This can provide various benefits including the fact that the company has a higher level of protection from downtime. It also ensures that a company has vendor independence.

[Find out how Multi-Cloud can enable your organization: 5 Reasons To Consider Multi-Cloud For Your Organization]. 

How Is Security Management Handled In Cloud Computing?

Security is a key benefit that is provided by cloud solutions. It is also one of the primary concerns of businesses today. As such, it is likely that you will be asked about the different aspects of cloud security. You should mention some of the main aspects including: 

  • Identity Management - this ensures that specific users can access different cloud services
  • Access Control - this gives users full control over another user existing in the same cloud environment.
  • Authentication and authorization - this provides various permissions directly to authenticated and authorized users.

Define The Components Of PaaS Architecture 

This is one example of a technical question that you might be asked. Technical questions test the knowledge that is related to the subject matter for a specific position. If you are applying for a cloud role, then it’s highly likely you will be asked a question like this. You need to understand how to answer this question in as much detail as possible. You should mention storage, cloud controller and applications. Make sure that you explore each component in detail to show you have a comprehensive understanding of the system reference.

As well as being asked questions connected to PaaS, you could also be asked about IaaS and CaaS. 

What Is A Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud provides benefits to organizations because they can access resources that would not have been available with the other three dedicated cloud configurations. For instance, you can gain access to public cloud software that is not available in the private cloud. Be aware that this might also cover a follow-up question. An employer might ask why they should choose a hybrid cloud over other options. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Cloud Computing?

This question will usually be asked if your role will involve selling or explaining cloud services to clients. It’s important to understand that there are four main characteristics of cloud computing such as scalability and elasticity. You should be able to dive into these and pinpoint why they are important. What pain points can be addressed with cloud solutions - could be another question that interviewers fall back on. 

What Key Factors Must A Business Consider Using A Cloud Solution?

Again, this is about understanding the pain points that a cloud server can solve as well as the issues that businesses must be aware of when switching to the cloud. Some points worth mentioning could include the reduction of downtime as well as any potential problems with compliance. You should note the rise in regulations relating to data protection. 

What Are The Challenges Of Continuously Evolving Cloud Technology?

It’s important to understand that cloud tech is constantly evolving. What you know today won’t be the same as what’s true next year. You need to be able to recognize that when you are working with the cloud, adaptation will be key. You might encounter problems that you have never faced before, even in your first few months in a position. Employees recognize this. You should mention using troubleshooting resources to solve any new problems that you might encounter and ensure that you are clear there is no ‘one-size-fits-all approach.”

What Are The Most Important Issues With The Cloud Companies Are Facing? 

If you are keen to work with the cloud, then you need to make sure that you are up to date with the latest trends and issues that are shaping the industry. There are multiple answers to this question. For instance, you could address security concerns, or you might want to speak about any potential downtime. This issue is causing more businesses to switch to a multi-cloud solution. As well as mentioning the problems, you might want to take a shot at referencing a few solutions. This is going to make you stand out from other candidates.

How Do You Keep Up With The Latest Cloud Computing Trends? 

Similar to all jobs, employers want to make sure that you have a passion and a firm commitment to the industry that you are hoping to join. That’s why this is always a common question. Be prepared to reference some of the key thought leaders in the cloud industry today as well as the best resources for cloud-related news. Even a few website names could help you here.

What Is The Key Difference Between Cloud Computer And Mobile Computing? 

This question is designed to assess your wider knowledge of IT. It’s often used for roles that involve cloud servers but are not primarily based around them. Through your answer, you need to be able to demonstrate that you know what cloud computing is and how this differs to mobile computing. The main difference to focus on is that cloud computing is completed entirely through the internet instead of a single mobile device. Mobile computing also uses apps that run through remote services but a lot of the storage is available through local means.

We hope this guide helps you understand some of the key questions that you could be asked when you are applying and interview for cloud job roles. Remember, there is a massive level of demand in this industry right now. But there’s also a lot of competition for the top roles and positions. If you prepare for these interview questions, you can guarantee that you will dazzle an employer and claim a leading role working with the cloud. These interview questions could crop up for various cloud job roles, from engineers to administrators and even architects.

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