Databricks Certified Associate ML Practitioner for Apache Spark

The Databricks Certified Associate ML Practitioner for Apache Spark 2.4 exam will assess the candidate’s understanding and ability to apply machine learning techniques using the Spark ML library. Specifically, the candidate should have knowledge of supervised learning vs. unsupervised learning, regression vs. classification, clustering, cross-validation, model tuning, model evaluation, and model interpretation, as well as the understanding of the format and content of the Spark ML library. Candidates will also be assessed in their ability to use Spark ML to accomplish basic tasks in the machine learning workflow.

To pass, candidates must score 70% or better on a 60-question multiple choice exam. Exams are two hours in length and are proctored online through Kryterion, requiring the candidate to have a webcam. To register and pay for an exam, create or login to an account at then look for the Certifications tab.

To best prepare for the exam, candidates should attend Apache Spark for Machine Learning and Data Science (DB301) and Section VI: Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Overview of Spark: The Definitive Guide should also be helpful in preparation.