Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Certified Security Professional

The Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure Security ​certification is intended for ​professionals who are ​responsible for security in ​their Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure environments. ​The target candidate should ​have 2+ years of experience ​in designing and implementing ​security solutions. ​Additionally, the ​candidate should have 6 ​months or more of hands-on ​experience in securing ​workloads on OCI. The exam ​validates the following OCI ​Security topics:​


• Working knowledge of OCI security services to provide a secure cloud environment

• Understanding of OCI Identity and Access Management service and features

• Understanding of OCI mechanisms to secure data and database workloads

• Understanding of network security in OCI

• Understanding of how to secure applications in OCI

• Understanding of security operations, including monitoring, logging, and alerting

• Familiarity with compliance frameworks

• Up-to-date OCI training and hands-on experience are recommended. This certification is available to all candidates.