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Pivotal Greenplum Developer

The Pivotal Greenplum Developer certification exam is designed to test and validate your proficiency with Pivotal Greenplum in the following areas:

Describing Greenplum features, benefits, and architecture
DDL, DML, and DQL to access, manage, and query data
Implementing appropriate table storage models, compression, and tablespaces
Distributing and storing data in Greenplum using a distribution key and partitioning
Best practices for data loading and table partitioning
Data modeling and physical design decisions
Improving query performance (understanding the Pivotal Query Optimizer, SQL joins, query profiling, query tuning and rewriting, and indexing strategies)
Performing complex OLAP queries using built-in functions, window functions, user defined types, and user defined functions

Recommended Certification Path

1. Complete the Pivotal Greenplum Administrator course or the Pivotal Greenplum Developer course
2. Take the proctored Pivotal Greenplum Developer Certification exam

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