SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist

The SnowPro® Advanced: Data Scientist Certification exam will test advanced knowledge and skills used to apply comprehensive data science principles, tools, and methodologies using Snowflake. This certification will test the ability to:

  • Outline data science concepts
  • Implement Snowflake data science best practices
  • Prepare data and feature engineering in Snowflake
  • Train and use machine learning models
  • Use data visualization to present a business case (e.g., model explainability)
  • Implement model lifecycle management


2+ years of practical data science experience with Snowflake, in an enterprise environment. In addition, successful candidates may have:

  • A statistical, mathematical, or science education (or equivalent work experience)
  • Background working with one or more of the following programming languages (e.g., Python, R, SQL, PySpark, etc.)
  • Experience modeling and using machine learning platforms (e.g., SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, GCP AI platform, AutoML tools, etc.)
  • An understanding of various open source and commercial frameworks and libraries (e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, etc. )
  • Experience preparing, cleaning, and transforming data sets from multiple sources
  • Experience creating features for machine learning training
  • Experience validating and interpreting models
  • Experience putting a model into production and monitoring the model in production

Target Audience:

  • Data Scientists
  • AI/ML Engineers