Simplify Training Throughout Your Organization

Dedicated Customer Enrollment Portal for Easier Access

At any given moment, you may have dozens of employees in need of vendor-approved IT training. And as a training decision maker, you’re responsible for keeping track of everything — each employee’s needs and progress, their courses, management approvals, your overall training budget and more.  

Simplified Access

Customized Training Options

Budget Management

Custom Branding

Now, there’s finally a way to simplify the process with the brand new ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal — dedicated exclusively to your organization’s training program. With easy management of course options, design customization down to your company’s logo and real-time training insights, this portal has everything you and your organization need. Here, your employees can browse and select relevant courses and create learning plans based on your organization’s chosen priorities. And if your organization has custom discounts, those will be reflected in the prices you see.

At last, you can get real insight into the impact of your organization’s commitment to training. Your Customer Enrollment Portal enables you to monitor budgets and training performance in real time, and it makes it easy to fine-tune individual learning plans for maximum results.

Customer Enrollment Portal Preview

Through your portal, you can give training access to everyone in your company, or just a select group of users — whoever needs it, whenever. And we can customize technology stacks and authorized training brands that display.

An ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal brings you and your organization thousands of courses from dozens of leading vendors. Don’t wait to simplify your company’s access to superior IT training — get started today by signing up for your own ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal.

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