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Sourcing and managing technology training and certification for Federal, State/Provincial, Local/Municipal and Higher Education Departments presents unique challenges. At ExitCertified, we’re fully versed in the administrative requirements of all levels of government in the United States and Canada. Our dedicated Government Education Services Consultants can help you create a learning path that meets the needs of everyone on your team. You can then provision training courses through General Services Administration (GSA) schedules or Master Services Agreements.

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Accelerate cloud training for government employees

The move to the cloud poses special challenges for government agencies and institutions. You need the improved security and efficiency of the cloud, but you’re likely still dealing with a patchwork of legacy systems. In addition, you have to make sure your teams have adequate time to build their skills before retiring the technologies they’re familiar with. 

ExitCertified takes these factors into consideration when helping you build a comprehensive cloud training program. ExitCertified offers a wide range of vendor-certified courses from public cloud providers as well as courses on cloud-native technologies, such as microservices, containers and Kubernetes, all delivered by high-quality instructors. 

 The value of ExitCertified training goes beyond just the excellent instruction. Our dedicated Government Education Services Consultants can help you identify skills gaps and plan a comprehensive training program designed to reduce costs, accelerate project timelines and improve responsiveness.

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Track and audit training with the Customer Enrollment Portal

At any given moment, you may have dozens of personnel in need of vendor-approved IT training. And as a training decision maker, you’re responsible for keeping track of everything — each trainee’s needs and progress, their courses, management approvals, your overall training budget and more.  

The ExitCertified Customer Enrollment Portal simplifies the process, with centralized, easy access to training management tools. It enables you to empower government employees to browse and select from customized training options and create learning plans based on your agency’s chosen priorities. They can then register for pre-approved classes that align with your strategic goals.

You can also use the Portal to get real insight into the impact of your organization’s commitment to training. Your Customer Enrollment Portal enables you to monitor budgets and training performance in real time, and it makes it easy to fine-tune individual learning plans for maximum results.

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Save time and budget with virtual training

ExitCertified offers flexible training formats to meet the needs of government requirements, schedules and budgets. Options include in-person courses, self-paced online courses or live virtual classes with our exclusive Live Virtual training.  

Our Live Virtual remote training technology makes online learning as engaging and effective as in-person training. Participants can access hands-on labs, dive into classroom exercises and actively engage with both instructor and students in a collaborative learning environment. In the past year, students have logged over 277,500 hours on the platform, reporting outstanding satisfaction with their training — giving Live Virtual an average rating of 4.79 out of 5. [1]

For government agencies with security concerns, our Live Virtual platform has been tested successfully in highly secure environments, so you can be confident in choosing virtual training from ExitCertified.

[1] Data sourced from 12 months of Live Virtual student history (through November 2020)

Upskill your team with group IT training

If you’re looking to upskill your entire agency or select teams, group training can help you build a highly functioning collaborative workplace. ExitCertified offers customized, flexible delivery with all our courses. You can choose from in-person and virtual options for group technology training. Plus, we’ll work with your team’s schedule to provide flexible training that won’t disrupt your day-to-day workflow. 

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For example, you can select half-day sessions to make sure your critical work still gets done, or we can deliver a concentrated bootcamp experience. However you need your training to work, ExitCertified can make it happen.

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Rely on high-quality instructors with real-world experience

Award-winning ExitCertified instructors are subject matter experts and experienced teachers who continuously update their knowledge to stay at the leading edge of technology and IT training methodologies. ExitCertified has the highest number of professional-level AWS instructors in North America and has won training partner awards from AWS, ForgeRock, IBM, VMware, Red Hat, Veeam and Cloudera, demonstrating excellence in vendor-approved technology training delivery.

What’s more, ExitCertified instructors have years of real-world experience that they use to help students with practical applications of class concepts. Maybe that’s why ExitCertified students report 96 percent satisfaction with instructor presentation and 97 percent satisfaction with instructor expertise.

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Experience comprehensive customer care

The level of customer care provided by ExitCertified is unparalleled in the industry. Our customer care helps ensure that your agency receives the technology training and certifications you need to advance your IT objectives—all with a single point of contact to simplify and speed delivery of learning programs.

Our customer care starts with consultations with Government Education Services Consultants and technology subject matter experts to identify the required training and develop a training plan. This customer care continues throughout and beyond training delivery, with post-training support to confirm that learning objectives were met, and requirements fulfilled.

I have not been able to praise ExitCertified enough. This training experience was one of the best I've experience; on par with SANS training. I supervise over 25 engineers, technicians, and analysts all of which are under mandatory CEU requirements. I will be suggesting they look into ExitCertified each and every time they have a training requirement to fulfill. Job well done. Thank you.

Charles Fisher | US Navy

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