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Captivate Fundamentals: An Introduction to Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate 7 is the industry-leader for authoring E-learning content. With Adobe Captivate one can capture the on-screen action, enhance e-learning projects, insert compliant quizzes and publish...

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$1,495 USD
Course Code CAP-FUND-7
Duration 3 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual

Adobe Captivate 7 is the industry-leader for authoring E-learning content. With Adobe Captivate one can capture the on-screen action, enhance e-learning projects, insert compliant quizzes and publish your projects in various formats for easy deployment on virtually any desktop and mobile device.

  • This course will take you through three e-learning projects: a demonstration, a simulation and a SCORM-compliant quiz.


A practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows

Course Details

Day 1

Getting started with Captivate

  • The Captivate production process
  • Touring the Captivate interface
  • Understanding panels in Captivate
  • Creating a custom Workspace
  • Exploring the sample applications to be built in this course

Capturing the Slides

  • Choosing the right resolution for the project
  • Resizing the project after the initial shooting
  • Using the panning feature
  • Using the new Scalable HTML content feature
  • Exploring the recording preferences
  • Shooting alternative versions of the project
  • Full Motion recording
  • Understanding the Captivate capture engine
  • The Video Demo
  • Automatic and Manual Panning
  • Rescaling a project

Working with Standard Objects

  • Working with the Properties panel
  • Exploring the basic objects
  • The Text Caption objects
  • Formatting a Text Caption
  • Modifying the content of a Text Caption
  • The Highlight Box object
  • Working with the Mouse
  • Working with images
  • Using the image editing tools
  • Inserting a picture slide
  • Working with Characters
  • Working with Smart Shapes
  • Formatting a Smart Shape
  • Using the Align toolbar
  • Working with styles
  • Managing styles with the Properties panel
  • Resetting a style
  • Creating new styles
  • Modifying a style
  • Applying styles automatically
  • Working with the Object Style manager
  • Exporting a style
  • Importing a style
  • Creating a style with the Object Style Manager
  • Working with the Timeline
  • Using the Timeline to select objects
  • Hiding and locking objects with the Timeline
  • Using the Timeline to change the stacking order of the objects
  • Use the Timeline to set the timing of the objects

Lesson 4: Working with Animations and Interactive Objects

  • Discovering the animated objects
  • Using the Text Animation
  • Converting a typing object into a Text Animation
  • Inserting external animations in the project
  • Working with the Zoom Area
  • Inserting a video file
  • Adding effect to objects
  • Combining effect
  • Working with buttons
  • Working with Rollover Captions
  • Working with Rollover Smart Shapes
  • Using the Align toolbar to adjust the size and the position of objects
  • Working with Rollover Images
  • Working with Rollover Slidelets
  • Inserting and formatting a Rollover Slidelet
  • Inserting objects in a Rollover Slidelet
  • Working with the Library
  • Reusing Library items
  • Importing objects from another Library
  • Deleting unused assets from the Library
  • Creating a Simulation
  • Hiding the mouse
  • Using Find and Replace
  • Working with Click Boxes
  • Working with Text Entry Boxes
  • Fine tuning the Simulation
  • Branching with Click Boxes
  • Objects and animations in Video Demo projects
  • Interactivity in Video Demo projects
  • Using Pan and Zoom
  • Adding Transitions in Video Demo

Day 2

Working with Audio

  • Adding audio to objects
  • Adding background music to the entire project
  • Adding audio to slides
  • Recording narration with Captivate
  • Setting up the sound system
  • Importing external sound clips
  • Editing a sound clip in Captivate
  • Using Text-to-Speech to generate narration
  • Installing the Captivate Speech Agents
  • Working with the Slide Notes panel
  • Converting text to speech
  • Using the Speech Management window
  • Adding Closed Captions to the slides
  • Viewing the Closed Captions
  • Closed Captioning a video file

Final Changes and Publishing

  • Final Changes
  • Checking the spelling
  • Start and End preferences
  • Project metadata and accessibility
  • Other project preferences
  • Exporting the project preferences
  • Working with the Skin Editor
  • Customizing the Playback Controls
  • Working with Borders
  • Adding a Table of Contents
  • Applying the same Skin to another project
  • Publishing
  • Publishing to Flash
  • Scalable HTML content
  • Publishing to HTML5
  • Using the HTML5 Tracker
  • Publishing to PDF
  • Publishing as a standalone application
  • Publishing as a video file
  • Publishing to You Tube
  • Publishing a Video Demo project
  • Publishing to Word
  • Publishing options

Working with Quizzes

  • Introducing the Quiz
  • Creating Question Slides
  • The Multiple Choice question
  • The Short Answer question
  • The Matching question
  • The True / False question
  • The Hotspot question
  • The Fill-In-The-Blank question
  • The Sequence question
  • Creating surveys with Likert questions
  • Previewing the Quiz
  • Creating a Pretest
  • The Quiz Preferences
  • Setting the passing score for a Quiz
  • Creating Question Pools
  • Reporting scores to an LMS
  • SCORM and AICC
  • Enabling reporting in Captivate at interaction and project levels
  • Creating a SCORM manifest
  • Publishing an eLearning-enabled project
  • Integrating the SCORM package in the LMS
  • Taking the Quiz
  • Using the Adobe Captivate Quiz Result Analyzer

Templates, Master Slides and Themes

  • Experimenting with Themes
  • The Elements of a Theme
  • The Master Slides
  • The Styles
  • The Skin
  • Creating a Theme
  • Customizing the Master Slides of the Theme
  • Adding Placeholders to the Master Slides
  • Applying the Master Slides to the slides of the project
  • Modifying a Master Slide
  • Adding styles to the Theme
  • Styling the Standard Objects
  • Styling the Question Slides
  • Styling the Buttons
  • Adding a Skin to the Theme
  • Working with Templates
  • Adding Placeholder Slides
  • Creating a new Captivate project from a Template

Day 3

  • Captivate with PowerPoint
  • Converting an existing presentation to Captivate
  • Viewing the presentation in PowerPoint
  • Creating a Captivate project from a PowerPoint application
  • Round Tripping between Captivate and PowerPoint
  • Updating a linked PowerPoint presentation
  • Inserting a PowerPoint slide in a Captivate project
  • Localizing a Captivate project using Microsoft Word
  • Exporting the project to XML
  • Importing a Photoshop file into Captivate
  • Exporting to Flash Professional

Reviewing a Captivate Project

  • The Review process
  • Distributing the project
  • Commenting a Captivate project
  • Installing the Adobe Captivate Reviewer application
  • Using the Captivate Reviewer to create new comments
  • Exporting the comments
  • Collecting and addressing the comments
  • Ending a review

Variables, Advanced Actions and Widgets

  • Variables
  • System and User-Defined variables
  • Generating text dynamically
  • Using User-Defined variables
  • Creating User-Defined variables
  • Capturing values with a Text Entry Box
  • Using User-Defined variables to dynamically generate text
  • Advanced Actions
  • the Standard Action
  • Automatically turning on Closed Captions with an Advanced Action
  • Conditional Actions
  • Creating the necessary variables
  • Assigning a score to each possible answers
  • Giving names to objects
  • Conditionally showing and hiding objects
  • Using a Conditional Action to implement Branching with the Pretest
  • Widgets
  • Locating Widgets
  • Understanding the types of Widgets
  • Static Widgets
  • Interactive Widgets
  • Question Widgets
  • Adobe Captivate Exchange
  • Blogs and websites
  • Working with the Smart Learning Interactions
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