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Agile Project Management with Jira and Confluence

In this course, attendees learn how to use Jira and Confluence together in ways that enable Agile teams to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications. Learn to use Confluence to define...

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Course Code Jira-AgilePM
Duration 2 days
Available Formats Classroom

In this course, attendees learn how to use Jira and Confluence together in ways that enable Agile teams to manage projects seamlessly across the two applications. Learn to use Confluence to define product requirements, create Jira epics, stories, and issues and link them directly to the product requirements without ever leaving Confluence. Learn how to use Jira reporting to create dashboards that allow your teams to self-organize and manage their work while keeping the rest of the organization team informed on project progress and status. The course demonstrates how to manage an Agile (Scrum) project, from inception to completion of a sprint, using Jira and Confluence (Agile experience is not necessary). Note that this course is not about integrating Confluence and Jira from a system administration context.

Skills Gained

  • Demonstrate how to start a project in Jira and Confluence as a project administrator
  • Configure project workflows and screens
  • Establish permissions and assign project roles
  • Demonstrate how to use Jira and Confluence to manage the development process
  • Discuss how to gather, communicate, and iterate requirements
  • Use Jira and Confluence to manage tasks and projects
  • Discuss versions, components, notifications, issue security and global settings
  • Provide Project-level reporting on tasks across applications

Who Can Benefit

Agile Team Members, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Jira and Confluence application administrators and users


Basic knowledge of Windows Interfaces. No Agile or Jira experience necessary, however basic knowledge or understanding of the Scrum Guide is helpful.

Course Details


Manufacturing vs Software Development

  • The history of project management
  • Why IT Fails
  • The challenge of waterfall & change
  • Can Scrum fail
  • Lab- Identify problem areas in your work environment

Atlassian Background

  • Jira – Background
  • Confluence – Background
  • Atlassian ecosystem & agile practices
  • Lab– Identify areas Jira and Confluence can make a difference

The Scrum framework

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Scrum events overview
  • The three Scrum roles
  • SM deep dive
  • PO deep dive
  • The Dev Team Deep Dive
  • Lab – Scrum Roles
  • Agile requirements & the development process (includes QA)
  • Lab– Imagine the impact of Agile

Lean Primer

  • History/Background
  • House of Lean
  • Lean Thinking
  • Waste

JIRA – An Overview (Understanding the Interface)

  • Issues and Issue Types
  • Dashboards
  • Projects
  • Searching Issues
  • Completing Work and Workflow Overview
  • Lab-Advanced Workflows

Confluence – An Overview (Understanding the Interface)

  • Gaining Access
  • Navigation
  • Spaces
  • Personal
  • Team
  • Project
  • Content Type
  • Pages
  • Templates
  • Blogs
  • Tasks
  • Files
  • Images
  • Workspace Examples
  • Lab – Visit and Interact with Team and Project Pages
  • Lab – Add your Personal Space

Setting Your Team Up in JIRA

  • JIRA Administrator
  • Schemes
  • Permissions
  • Issue Types
  • Screens
  • Fields
  • Project Administrator
  • Scrum Team Roles
  • Group Permissions
  • Role Permissions

Confluence and JIRA Integration with Teams

  • Overview of Using both Confluence and Jira
  • User Management
  • Confluence Application Linking
  • Creating a Team Page
  • Creating and Managing Confluence Tasks
  • Macros and Gadgets
  • Lab – Who Should Do What
  • Lab – Confluence Team Page Development and Assignment of Tasks

JIRA and Confluence Project Management

  • Team Member Roles and Views
  • Development Team Roles and Views
  • Documentation

Confluence Page Management

  • Reordering Pages
  • Moving Pages
  • Confluence Shortcuts

Routine Requests and Tasks

  • Lab – Assign the Team
  • Create Confluence Blueprints and Templates

JIRA and Agile Planning (Starting and Planning an Agile Project in JIRA

  • Effective User Stories
  • Confluence Product Requirements
  • Creating Epics and Stories in JIRA
  • Product Backlog Refinement in JIRA
  • Story Splitting
  • Sprint Backlog Refinement
  • Technical Requirements
  • Knowledge Base Development
  • Meeting Notes
  • Decisions
  • Features
  • Versions
  • Prioritizations
  • Estimation Options
  • Story Points
  • Original Estimate
  • Starting the Sprint
  • Definition of Ready
  • Definition of Done
  • Specification by Design
  • Sprint Board
  • Lab – PBR Lab with JIRA

Daily Work in JIRA

  • Daily Scrums using JIRA
  • Issue References
  • Logging Work
  • Issue Voting
  • Watching Issues
  • Issue Assignment
  • Direct
  • Components
  • Lab – Executing Sprint with JIRA
  • Lab – Execute Retrospective
  • Document Retrospective
  • Document Decisions

Searching and Reporting

  • Searching for Issues
  • Advanced Search and JQL
  • Filters
  • Labels
  • Sharing
  • Lab – Set UP JIRA Dashboards
  • Lab – Reporting on Issues in Confluence


  • Velocity
  • Burndown
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Dashboards
  • Scrum and Kanban Boards
  • Lab – Which Reports and Why
  • Lab – Set Up Reports in Confluence

Closing a Sprint

  • Retrospectives
  • JIRA and Confluence Activities