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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Comprehensive Data Science with Python (ACCEL-PYTH-CDS)
  • Google Cloud for Data Scientists (INNO-GCDS)
  • Data Analytics with Python (ELESCALE-DATA-PYTHON)
  • Text Analytics Using Machine Learning (INNO-TAUML)
  • Advanced Machine Learning (INNO-AML)
  • Introduction to Big Data (ES-IntroBigData)
  • Building Cloud Solutions for Machine Learning (Custom-Cloud-ML)
  • Building Big Data Engineering Pipelines (INNO-BBDEP)
  • GCP Data Pipeline Engineering (INNO-GCP-DATAPIPELINE)
  • Data-Led Operations (DATA-LED-OPS)
  • Operational Data Analytics with Splunk (DA-SPLUNK)
  • Machine Learning for Operations (INNO-MLforOps)
  • Splunk Enterprise System Administration (SP-SESA) (SPLUNK-ADMIN)
  • Prompt Engineering for Developers: Mastering the Art of Conversational AI (PED-MACAI)
  • Advanced ChatGPT Development (ADV-CGPT-DEV)
  • Building Applications with Large Language Models (B-APPS-LLM)
  • Fine-Tuning Large Language Models: Maximizing Value and Performance for Custom AI Solutions (FTLLM-MVPCAI)
  • Prompt Engineering for Business Professionals: Leveraging Conversational AI for Enhanced Customer Experiences (EBP-LCAIECE)
  • Prompt Engineering for Text-to-Image Generators: Mastering Visual AI Solutions with Models like Midjourney and DALL-E (PETIG-MVAIS-MMD)
  • Building Intelligent Chatbots with ChatGPT (BUILD-CHATBOT)
  • ChatGPT Unleashed: Revolutionizing Business with Prompt Engineering (GPTU-RBPE)
  • Spark and Machine Learning at Scale Training (SPARK-ML-SCALE)
  • Data Engineering Bootcamp Training using Python and PySpark Training (DATABOOT-Python)
  • Comprehensive Machine Learning with Python (ACCEL-ML-PYTH)
  • Data Analysis Boot Camp (DATA-ANA-BC)
  • Introduction to Data Analysis (1076V)
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