Apple Mac OS Training Courses

ExitCertified is a proud provider of certified Mac OS training across North America. With instructor-led, virtual, and self-paced training covering the Mavericks v10.9 and the Yosemite v10.10 operating systems, We are confident that we can find a training solution to best meet your educational needs.

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  • Mac OS Topic: First | Code: MACOS-100-VENT

    Apple - macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Ventura (Course)


    macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Ventura is a hands-on class designed to help beginning Mac users and transitioning Windows users become more familiar in using the macOS. Skills Gained Upon completion...

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  • Mac OS Topic: First | Code: MACOS-SUPESS-13

    Apple - macOS Support Essentials v13 (Course)


    macOS Support Essentials v13, is a top-notch primer for anyone who needs to support, troubleshoot, or optimize macOS Ventura, such as IT professionals, technicians, help desk specialists, and ardent...

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  • Mac OS Topic: First | Code: MACOS-INT-13

    Apple - Mac Integration Basics v13 (Course)


    Organizations are increasingly integrating Mac computers into Windows or other standards-based network environments. But users and the IT professionals who support them can relax because Mac...

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