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Advanced Editing & Finishing Techniques with Final Cut Pro

This three-day, hands-on course teaches students hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques. Learn how to edit multi-camera projects, dive deeper with audio effects, work with compound...

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$1,595 USD
Course Code FCP-301
Duration 3 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual

This three-day, hands-on course teaches students hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques. Learn how to edit multi-camera projects, dive deeper with audio effects, work with compound clips, create video effect presets, understand the 360 video workflow and how HDR color correction works. This course also covers advanced workflows for managing media and sharing and receiving XML's.

Who Can Benefit

This course is designed for existing Final Cut Pro users who want to increase their skill level through learning advanced features and efficient workflows, and who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction.


  • Knowledge of macOS and basic computer navigation
  • Advanced knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended
  • FCP 101 - An Introduction to Final Cut Pro class or equivalent experience

Course Details

Day 1

Lesson 1: Overview of Editing Basics

  • Review of Basic Editing Techniques
  • 3-Point Editing Rule
  • Using Insert, Overright, Connect and Insert

Lesson 2: Advanced Editing Techniques

  • Smart Clip Loading
  • Diving Deeper with the Replace Edit
  • Performing Back-timed Edits
  • Managing Secondary Storylines

Lesson 3: Advanced Trimming

  • Basic Slip, Slide and Roll
  • Extend Edit
  • Splitting Edits
  • Top and Tail Editing
  • Working in the Precision Editor

Lesson 4: Audio Editing Techniques

  • Using Additional Library Content for audio enhancement
  • Looking deeply at fixed audio effects
  • Working with audio effects from Logic
  • Working with Surround Sound

Lesson 5: Mastering Effects

  • Customizing Effects
  • Understanding Effect Order
  • Controlling Effect Timing
  • Limiting Effects with Masks
  • Creating Effect Presets
  • Stabilizing a Clip
  • Diving Deeper with Blend Modes
  • Bringing in an Effect from Apple Motio

Day 2

Lesson 6: Compositing in Final Cut Pro

  • Basic Compositing Review
  • Adding Graphics from a Layered Photoshop File
  • Keyframing Basics
  • Keyframing in the Inspector and Timeline
  • Working with FCP Keyer

Lesson 7: Compound Clips

  • Understanding Compound Clips
  • Applying Effects to Compound Clips
  • Opening a Compound Clip
  • Adjusting Compound Clip Timing
  • Releasing a Compound Clip
  • Duplicating Projects and Compound Clips

Lesson 8: Advanced Color Correction

  • A Review of Video Scopes
  • An Overview of the Color Workflow
  • Adjusting Contrast
  • Adjusting White Balance
  • Using Multiple Color Effects creatively
  • Saving Color Presets
  • Working with HDR

Lesson 9: Multicam Editing

  • Creating a Multicam Clip
  • Grouping clips to a muti-camera angle
  • Editing Audio and Video Separately
  • Rearranging Angles
  • Offsetting Angles
  • Applying Effects to Multiclips and External Video
  • Controlling Multicam Angle selection through the inspector

Lesson 10: Working with 360 Video

  • Creating a 360 Project
  • Viewing 360 Video
  • Applying 360 Video Effects
  • Applying 360 Titles
  • Working with 360 in Flat Projects
  • Exporting 360 Video

Day 3

Lesson 11: Preparing Audio for Finishing

  • Checking Audio Levels
  • Assigning and Working with Audio Roles
  • Managing and adjusting Audio Roles with Compound Clips
  • Sharing Audio Stems

Lesson 12 - Preparing Video for Finishing and Collaboration

  • Checking Video Levels
  • Managing Metadata
  • Working with Closed Captions
  • Sharing and receiving XML's
  • Sharing Libraries with Others
  • 3rd Party Collaboration Tools

Lesson 13: Advanced Outputting an Working in Compressor

  • Creating FCP Bundles
  • Changing Compressor Settings
  • Opening Compressor
  • Applying a Compressor Preset
  • Exporting with Compressor
  • Creating a Droplet

Lesson 14: An Overview of Motion

  • What is Motion?
  • Looking at Apple Motions Library
  • Creating a FCP Generator Project
  • Opening the Generator in FCP
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