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Final Cut Pro for Post-Production

Are you a Final Cut Pro power user looking to leverage advanced workflows and learn more about the Pro App ecosystem? Look no further than this comprehensive course designed for video editing experts...

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$399 USD
Course Code FCP-PP
Duration 2 days
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual

Are you a Final Cut Pro power user looking to leverage advanced workflows and learn more about the Pro App ecosystem? Look no further than this comprehensive course designed for video editing experts looking to gain more from the application they know and love. This two-day class will teach you about several advanced workflow topics in Final Cut Pro including 360 video and HDR color, how to edit and create content in Apple Motion and how to make the most out of Compressor for exporting. Like all of FMCs classes students will have hands on exercise files to follow along with as well as a guide they can refer to containing the most significant information.

  • In addition to the 2 full day training classes students will also walk away with 4 hours of self paced training you can take at any time to expand your knowledge of the application.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Preform advanced organization, trimming and editing techniques
  • Use HDR workflows
  • Understand advanced effect workflows, compositing, and object tracking
  • Use 360 video workflows
  • Work in Apple Motion and Compressor
  • Export project with various roles

Who Can Benefit

If you are brand new to video editing our 1 day social media or VideoPro/broadcast production class may be a better fit.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have:

  • Attended the SocialPro or VideoPro classes
  • Have hands-on experience with Final Cut
  • A solid knowledge of common terms in production
  • Post and basic experience with title animation and design

Course Details

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Advanced Organization, Trimming and Editing Techniques

  • Understanding iXML Tags
  • Learn hot to work, with, add and create metadata views
  • Create additional Smart Collections and Library Smart Collections
  • meeting multiple search criteria
  • Working with backtime edits
  • Editing effectively with connected clips
  • Learning to work efficiently with the Precision Editor

Lesson 2: HDR Workflows

  • Changing a Library to HDR
  • Create an HDR Project
  • Know the difference between HDR Timelines
  • Work with HDR Tools [and know which option to choose for
  • iPhone Dolby Vision clips]
  • Use Scopes for HDR Content
  • How to properly View HDR Content
  • Color Correction in HDR

Lesson 3: Advanced Effect Workflows, Compositing and Object Tracking

  • Adding advanced audio effects
  • Working with greenscreen footage and the keyer
  • Working with 3D titles
  • Advanced keyframing techniques and saving effect presets
  • Adding and working with the object tracker
  • Editing tracking data

Lesson 4: 360 Video Workflows

  • Understand equirectangular 360 video and stitching
  • Accessing the 360 Viewer
  • Changing Field of View
  • Showing different view modes for Stereoscopic Clips
  • Creating a 360 Project
  • Know how to work with the clone tool
  • Know how to Reorient Clips in 360
  • Know how to export 360 metadata
  • Know how to work with 360 clips in a flat timeline

Lesson 5: Working in Apple Motion

  • Opening a copy of a generator in motion and adding properties
  • An Overview of the Motion Interface
  • Finding and using Motion content
  • Motion Content
  • Creating an animated title in motion to use in Final Cut
  • Creating a transition to use in Final Cut

Lesson 6: Working in Compressor

  • A Look at the Compressor Interface
  • Know how to create a Custom Compressor template to use in Final Cut
  • Know how to add Timecode and Watermarks with Compressor
  • Understand how jobs work
  • Know how padding works for social media
  • Exporting HLG HDR with compressor

Lesson 7: Exporting with Roles

  • Learn how to export a project with title roles
  • Learn how to work with Audio lanes
  • Creating a compound clip and working with audio mixes
  • Export a multi-track Quicktime movie
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