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Final Cut Pro for Social Media

Feeling like creating content in Final Cut should be easier or brand new to the application? Level up your editing game with this course designed specifically with you and your time in mind. Final...

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$299 USD
Course Code FCP-SM
Duration 1 day
Available Formats Classroom, Virtual

Feeling like creating content in Final Cut should be easier or brand new to the application? Level up your editing game with this course designed specifically with you and your time in mind. Final Cut Pro helps you seamlessly prepare and edit video for social media distribution. All you have to do is know how it thinks. This class will teach you some of the fundamentals of post-production and walk you through creating a trailer from start to finish. In this class, we’ll learn how to import footage from our phone and other sources as well as create, edit, add video effects, color correct and share stories with our audience.

  • In addition to one full day training class students will also walk away with 2.5 hours of self paced training you can take at any time to expand your knowledge of the application.

Skills Gained

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • The main stages of video editing
  • Understanding of the Final Cut Pro ecosystem
  • Importing and organizing video files
  • Editing clips using iPhone HDR, iMovie project files, and more
  • Working with social media friendly titles
  • Basic color correction
  • Basic audio mixing
  • Introduction to multi-cam editing
  • Exporting and publishing video projects

Who Can Benefit

If you are a social media content creator or just someone looking to expand your editing skills this course is for you.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have:

  • Knowledge of current Mac OS systems
  • Familiar with video editing terminology helpful
  • Knowledge of the production and post process helpful

Course Details

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started

  • Editing with Story in mind
  • An overview of the Post-Production Process
  • Knowing what to expect from clients and managing workflow
  • The main stages of Video Editing
  • Final Cuts Ecosystem
  • Final Cuts Pros File Structure
  • A Tour of the interface and basic workspaces

Lesson 2: Importing and Organize

  • Drag and dropping files into Final Cut
  • Leaving versus copying files
  • Importing Footage from Your iPhone
  • Transcoding Media
  • Changing browser Clip Appearance and Sorting
  • Applying Keywords
  • Making Favorites
  • Using Library Smart Collections
  • Working in Filmstrip and List View

Lesson 3: Create Projects and Editing

  • Effective playback and preview methods
  • Making in and Out points
  • Creating a Project
  • Using Append, Insert and Connect
  • Basic Timeline Navigation
  • Replacing Clips
  • Bring Video or Audio of a source only
  • Working with iPhone HDR footage
  • Opening an imovie iOS Project

Lesson 4: Refining the Edit

  • Moving, Rearranging and deleting clips
  • Trimming Clips including trim start and trim end
  • Rolling and Slipping Edits
  • Working effectively with connected clips
  • Working with Headers and Footers

Lesson 5: Working with Sound

  • Understanding Audio Configuration
  • Monitoring Sound and Soloing Clips
  • Lowering Volume Effectively
  • Creating Audio Ducks
  • Creating Audio Fades with J and L Cuts

Lesson 6: Transforming Clips

  • Scaling and Repositioning clips in the Viewer and Inspector
  • Resetting Parameters
  • Working with Ken Burns
  • Working with default clip size
  • Stabilizing a Shot

Lesson 7: Transitions, Speed, and Effects

  • Adding transitions
  • Replacing and modifying transitions
  • Working with SloMo Footage
  • Speeding Up and Slowing down clips
  • Creating Variable Speed changes
  • Adding Effects
  • Adjusting, resetting and copying effects to other clips

Lesson 8: Basic Color Correction

  • Performing white balance and matching clips
  • Applying look presets
  • Adding LUT’s
  • Performing a basic color grade in the color inspector
  • Working with Compound Clips

Lesson 9: Multicam Editing Intro

  • Syncing Audio and Video
  • Syncing a 2 shot interview clip
  • Editing an interview in the Angle Viewer
  • Refining the multiclip edit

Lesson 10: Working with Text and Graphics

  • Browsing Text templates in the Titles and generators Sidebar
  • Exploring social media friendly templates
  • Changing Font, Color and Position
  • Replacing Text
  • Knowing about animate friendly text options
  • Importing a Photoshop file

Lesson 11: Sharing Video

  • Getting a Project ready for multiple social media formats
  • Working with Closed Captions
  • Adding Additional Useful Destinations
  • Creating a Bundle
  • Batch Exporting Clips
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