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Aruba Training Courses

Gain extensive engineering know-how in wireless deployment and make yourself the go-to resource for enterprise mobility projects. Our Aruba courses prepare engineers with the skills needed to understand, configure, support, troubleshoot and manage the Aruba solutions they are responsible for maintaining. Knowledge gained through our educational offerings below helps both partners and their customers become more effective in supporting and/or managing solutions. 

Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Designing Aruba Solutions, Rev. 18.21 (Aruba-Design)
  • Aruba Advanced ClearPass Troubleshooting and Solutions, Rev. 19.31 (Aruba-ACPTS-19-31)
  • Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting and Solutions, Rev. 18.21 (Aruba-AMTS-18-21)
  • Aruba Advanced Network Design and Solutions, Rev. 18.41 (Aruba-ANDS-18-41)
  • Aruba Managed Service Provider Bootcamp, Rev. 19.21 (Aruba-MSPB-19-21)
  • Configuring Aruba IntroSpect, Rev. 18.41 (Aruba-CIS-19-21)
  • Configuring Aruba Location Services, Rev. 19.41 (Aruba-CLS-19-41)
  • Aruba Design Fundamentals, Rev. 19.41 (Aruba-DF-19-41)
  • Aruba ClearPass Essentials, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-CPE-20-11)
  • Aruba ClearPass Fundamentals, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-CPF-20-11)
  • Implementing Aruba ClearPass, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-IMP-CPE-20-11)
  • Aruba Mobility Fundamentals, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-MF-20-11)
  • Implementing Aruba Mobility, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-IAM-20-11)
  • Aruba OS CX Switching Fundamentals, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-OCSF-20-11)
  • Implementing Aruba OS CX Switching, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-IOCS-20-11)
  • Designing Aruba Solutions, Rev. 20.11 (Aruba-Design-20-11)
  • Aruba Switching Fundamentals, Rev. 16.41 (Aruba-SFM)
  • Implementing Aruba Switching, Rev. 17.41 (Aruba-CSS)
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