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AWS Architecting courses and certifications are designed for solutions architects, design engineers and anyone who wants to learn about designing systems and applications. Attend an Architect class with ExitCertified to build your technical skills. Take foundational training to learn best practices and build on these concepts with advanced Architect training for more complex solutions. Advanced training students will learn practical applications for incorporating data services, governance and security while building scalable, elastic and secure highly available applications.

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The cloud has become a digital pillar for many enterprises. The ability to leverage scalable, cost-effective infrastructure solutions is essential. Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands as a dominant leader in the space, and businesses and individuals alike are seeking AWS certification in order to boost their career prospects and stand out in today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape. 

For those looking to master AWS-based systems, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate training is a pivotal step in the journey. A solution architect is responsible for making informed decisions about which solutions are best suited for specific business needs. They often operate at the intersection of business needs and technical capabilities, bridging the gap to ensure that systems are both functionally robust and aligned with organizational goals. As cloud services evolve, the demand for certified professionals who understand the intricacies of AWS has surged. But why AWS? Simply put, it’s the breadth and depth of services offered, the global reach of its infrastructure, and the continuous innovations that make AWS a preferred choice for many organizations. Being an AWS-certified solution architect not only provides validation of one's technical proficiency, but opens doors to new career opportunities. 

The path to becoming a certified AWS Solutions Architect starts with the AWS Solutions Architect Associate training. This comprehensive training program is tailored to provide a thorough understanding of the AWS ecosystem. What's even more appealing about this training is that it doesn't just cater to individuals with deep technical backgrounds—even those relatively new to cloud computing can benefit immensely from it.

But in a world where time is of the essence and flexibility is paramount, how does one find the most suitable training platform? Easy: online training. The Solution Architect course online offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing aspirants to learn at their own pace, revisit complex topics, and adjust their learning schedule based on personal or professional commitments. This digital mode of education also enables learners to access a rich repository of resources. 

AWS isn't just about the solutions architect role, however. AWS offers several services, each with unique nuances and applications. For those keen on delving deeper or specializing in specific AWS offerings, there are various AWS architecting courses available. They offer critical insight into the finer details of specific AWS services or architectural patterns. For instance, there’s a course focused solely on AWS's storage solutions, its database offerings, and serverless computing capabilities. Each of these courses is meticulously designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to design and deploy effective AWS-based solutions.

While the Solutions Architect Associate training is foundational and broad-based, these specialized architecting courses provide the depth required for particular AWS services or solutions. The combination of the associate training with one or more specialized courses can make one a formidable AWS professional, capable of addressing multiple business needs and technical challenges.Upon completing training, learners can take the certification exam. This exam tests an individual's ability to design systems on AWS that are secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient. It's a rigorous assessment, but by participating in an AWS solution architect course, you can be well-prepared to pass with flying colors. 

Here's a simple roadmap:

Start With Basics: If new to AWS or cloud computing, consider starting with AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. It offers a comprehensive introduction to AWS's world.

Hands-on Experience: AWS emphasizes practical knowledge. It's beneficial to have hands-on AWS experience, either through personal projects, professional work, or AWS's own training labs.

Training and Learning: ExitCertified offers live virtual training tailored for AWS Solution Architect Associate. Dive into our AWS's training resources to solidify your understanding.

Practice Exams: Before attempting the actual certification, take AWS's practice exams. These give a good feel for the actual exam format and the types of questions posed.

Certification Exam: Once ready, schedule and take the certification exam. Passing it not only grants the certification, but also access to the AWS certified global community.

AWS Solutions Architect Jobs

The demand for professionals skilled in AWS has skyrocketed in recent years. One such in-demand role is that of the AWS Solutions Architect Associate. This role entails a comprehensive understanding of the AWS ecosystem and the ability to design and implement solutions based on client needs.Once the training is complete, an individual is equipped to take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities. 

Here’s an in-depth look at some of the most common AWS Solutions Architect Associate jobs:

Design and Implementation of AWS Solutions: One of the key responsibilities of all AWS Solutions Architect jobs is crafting scalable and resilient architectures on AWS. This includes setting up and configuring AWS services like EC2, S3, RDS, and more based on a particular application's needs.

Cost Optimization: AWS Solutions Architect Associates are also expected to provide cost-effective solutions. They should be adept at analyzing the costs associated with different AWS services and suggesting ways to minimize expenses without compromising on performance.

Security Protocols: They must ensure that all AWS deployments adhere to the industry's best security practices. This encompasses configuring VPCs, setting up security groups, IAM policies, and ensuring data encryption both in transit and at rest.

Migrating On-Premise Applications to AWS: Many AWS Solutions Architect jobs involve migrating existing on-premise applications to the AWS cloud. This requires a clear understanding of the application's architecture and potential challenges that might arise during migration.

Collaboration With Stakeholders: AWS Solutions Architect Associates often find themselves working closely with other stakeholders, including developers, system operators, and project managers, to ensure seamless deployment and operations on AWS.Advanced roles may involve crafting intricate architectures that cater to specific business requirements, ensuring high availability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery. 

A Solutions Architect job description might also include tasks like requirements gathering and proof of concept (PoC) development. 

The standard AWS Solutions Architect salary can vary based on factors like geographic location, years of experience, and the specific company hiring. However, given the demand for AWS expertise, these roles often come with competitive compensation packages. AWS Solutions Architects, especially those with a professional level of certification, can command some of the highest salaries in the IT industry. Their compensation often includes other perks and benefits like bonuses, allowances, and continuous learning opportunities.The role of an AWS Solutions Architect Associate is multifaceted and dynamic. With more and more businesses leaning on cloud solutions, the demand for this role is expected to continue rising. Whether it's the design and implementation of new systems, migration of existing applications, or ensuring cost-effectiveness and security, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate is pivotal in steering businesses towards successful cloud implementations.

ExitCertified offers training courses to help learners achieve success with a range of AWS Solution Architect jobs. Get started today to begin your AWS journey and advance your career. 

AWS Certification Paths 

AWS was named a Leader as an IaaS & PaaS provider in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant Cloud IaaS report.

Being AWS certified means that you have successfully demonstrated your proficiency in Amazon Web Services through a formal evaluation process. You can find a range of AWS certifications that validate different levels of skills, from foundational knowledge to specialized technical proficiency. Credible certifications like those from ExitCertified or Amazon’s own AWS training and certification program are widely recognized by employers in the information technology industry. 

The typical path to AWS certification is designed to help you progress from foundational knowledge to advanced expertise in AWS services as efficiently as possible. One of the initial certifications on this path is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, which serves as an entry point for beginners. The foundational knowledge gained from this certification is essential for understanding the core concepts and terminology used throughout the AWS ecosystem, such as AWS global infrastructure, security, billing, and best practices. After you’ve become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, you can then choose from a variety of AWS learning paths based on your interests and goals. For example, you could pursue the AWS Solution Architect - Associate certification path, which focuses on designing and deploying scalable and reliable AWS solutions. Alternatively, you could explore the AWS Certified Developer - Associate path to learn about developing and maintaining AWS-based applications. There are also paths for AWS Certified SysOps Administrators and AWS Certified DevOps Engineers - Professional that cater to the unique needs of careers in system administration and automation. These paths include in-depth training, hands-on exercises, and practical projects to help you reinforce your knowledge.

AWS Certification Benefits

Getting AWS certified is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, certification enhances your career prospects by making your skill set more marketable to potential employers. Many organizations value AWS-certified professionals highly, and possessing a certification can lead to increased job opportunities and potential salary advancements. Additionally, holding an up-to-date AWS certification demonstrates your commitment to continuous learning and staying in-the-know about the latest AWS advancements.  Start validating your AWS Cloud expertise by downloading our training and certification guide.

Which AWS Certification Is Best for Developers? 

The best AWS certification for developers depends on their specific roles and career goals. If you’re interested in designing and deploying scalable solutions on AWS, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate may be the right starting point for you. On the other hand, if your role focuses on application development and maintenance, the AWS Certified Developer Associate is probably a better fit for you. 

No matter which courses are right for you, each different certification represents a unique opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and enhance your career prospects in the rapidly growing cloud computing industry.


Foundation certification is intended for individuals who demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud.


Specialty certifications validate technical knowledge for AWS experts who also possess expertise in specific technical areas. They’re designed for individuals with at least one associate-level AWS Certification plus deep proficiency and real-world experience in an area of specialization.

Whether your team is new to the cloud, experienced builders, or you have an organization that is looking to innovate at scale, a Skill Builder subscription can help deepen your team's knowledge. Go beyond our 600+ free digital courses to prepare for an AWS Certification, stay current, and unlock hands-on training in an AWS Console environment without the risk of additional fees. The minimum group size for a Team Subscription is 5.

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