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BigFix Content & Relevance

Course Details
Code: U5BFX41G
Tuition (USD): $2,550.00 • Classroom (2 days)
$2,550.00 • Virtual (2 days)

BigFix combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables users to see and manage fixed, mobile, physical and virtual endpoints on more than 90 different operating system versions. In addition to ensuring that all of a company’s systems are patched and secure, BigFix automates time-intensive tasks across complex networks, queries endpoints in real-time for the presence of malicious files, allows for quick software installations, performs advanced automation, and allows for simple remote control with just a few clicks. This course will present material that will help BigFix Users develop the foundational knowledge they need to successfully leverage BigFix in their managed environments.

Skills Gained

  • Gain a base understanding of BigFix Content
  • Learn about how BigFix Content is organized including Domains and Sites
  • Learn how to examine BigFix Content and the differences between Fixlets and Tasks
  • Learn about Baselines, Computer Groups, Properties, Analyses and Actions
  • Learn about BigFix Tools and Objects and how to use the Fixlet Debugger, WebUI Query Channel, and BigFix Console
  • Gain an understanding of the BigFix Relevance Language
  • Write basic Relevance Statements
  • Create Content Using the BES Console to Perform Basic Troubleshooting


Students should have:

  • Basic Microsoft Windows and VMWare skills
  • Basic Coding skills
  • BigFix Fundamentals v9.5 Course or Equivalent

Course Details

Day 1

Unit 1: Introduction to BigFix Content

  • What is BigFix Content?
  • Fixlets
  • Tasks
  • Baselines
  • Computer Groups
  • Properties
  • Analyses
  • Actions
  • How is Content Organized?
  • Domains
  • Sites
  • Content Examination
  • Fixlets / Tasks
  • Structure of a Fixlet / Task
  • The Parts of a Fixlet /Task
  • Usage: Fixlet vs. Task
  • Baselines
  • Structure of a Baseline
  • Relationship to Fixlets / Tasks
  • Configuration of component dependency in execution
  • Computer Groups
  • Types of Groups
  • Creating groups
  • Properties
  • Definition
  • Types of Properties
  • Global
  • Analysis Properties
  • Retrieved properties
  • Computer/Client settings
  • Analyses
  • Definition
  • Structure of an Analysis
  • Who can create analysis?
  • Usage: Analyses vs. Global Properties?
  • Actions
  • What is an Action?
  • What content can generate Action documents?
  • Configuration of Action execution parameters
  • Constraints
  • Behavior
  • Persistence (Policy vs. one-time actions)

Unit 2: Tools and Objects

  • Introduction to BigFix Tools for Content Creation
  • Fixlet Debugger
  • Client Relevance
  • Action Script
  • Single Clause vs QnA tab
  • Graphical evaluation tab
  • Evaluation Channels
  • WebUI Query Channel
  • BigFix Console
  • Client Relevance Builder Dashboard
  • Presentation Debugger

Unit 2 Labs:

  • Lab 1: (Fixlet Debugger)
  • Lab 2: (Web UI Query)
  • Lab 3: (BigFix Console Dashboards)

Day 2

Unit 3: The Relevance Language

  • What is the Relevance Language?
  • Relevance (query)
  • Action Script
  • Language Objects
  • Reference Libraries
  • Relevance Syntax
  • Basic Syntax Theory
  • Syntactical Elements
  • Action Script Syntax
  • Basic Action Script Syntax
  • Integration with Relevance for run-time evaluation
  • Syntactical Differences (Relevance vs. Action Script)

Unit 3 Labs:

  • Lab 1: Understand Relevance Inspectors
  • Lab 2: Write Basic Relevance
  • Lab 3: Content Creation Using the BES Console
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