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Coach.Coach.Coach. - Leading with Impact

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  • Duration 1 day
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Coaching has emerged as an essential skill in today's business world. Applying a coaching mindset and skills will help you to become more effective and creative as a leader and contributor in your organization. And it will enable the people you coach to do the same.

In this highly participative one-day course, you will learn and practice a four-step coaching process. From starting coaching conversations, ensuring skillful dialogue and exploration of coaching topics, to overcoming resistance, you will learn the process, skills, and techniques to effectively coach to a desired outcome. You will actively engage with a real-work scenario throughout the course, practice each of the steps in the coaching process, and plan to apply your approach back on the job.

Benefits for the Coach

  • Better understand the reality of the people you coach
  • Build trust and mutual respect
  • Open up new possibilities
  • Gain commitment to desired future
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Increase confidence in the ability to coach

Benefits for the Individual Being Coached

  • Explore issues in collaborative and creative ways
  • Discover new possibilities
  • Create opportunity for open and honest conversations
  • Experience increased personal and organizational support
  • Provide opportunities to stretch capabilities
  • Enhance personal commitment to responsibilities

Benefits for the Organization

  • Increase engagement of employees
  • Create a culture of coaching
  • Reduce employee turnover

Skills Gained

  • Understand your coaching capabilities through a coaching assessment
  • What coaching is and is not
  • Apply and practice the four-step Coaching Process (Initiate, Clarify, Explore, Act) in a real work situation
  • Create an environment of mutual respect and trust
  • Use questioning techniques to better identify the coaching topic
  • Gain commitment from employees on the coaching topic
  • Actively listen to solicit information and increase employee comfort
  • Engage in non-judgmental questions with employees to open up new possibilities
  • Check and challenge your/your employees' assumptions to overcome barriers and blind spots
  • Promote brainstorming to discover alternatives, new frames of reference, and ways forward
  • Reframe problems to overcome old frames of reference and limiting beliefs
  • Select alternatives for the way forward
  • Overcome resistance to new ideas and stretch personal capabilities
  • Contract a mutual agreement of accountability for the way forward
  • Follow up effectively on progress toward the desired future
  • Apply this practical learning in the workplace immediately
  • Seek feedback on coaching skills

Who Can Benefit

Leaders at all levels: vice presidents, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, peer coaches, project managers and anyone who wants to be more effective and creative as a leader and contributor


Prework for this course should be completed one week in advance and brought to class.

Course Details

1. What Coaching Is and Isn't

  • Coaching in a large group environment

2. The Business Case for Coaching

  • Three benefactors to coaching
    • The person being coached
    • The coach
    • The organization
  • Coaching in your organization
  • Difference between feedback and coaching

3. A Coaching Mindset

  • Conversation is a coaching mindset

4. Best Coaches

  • Identifying certain skills, attitudes, and mindsets of the best coaches you have experienced

5. The Coaching Process

  • Four steps

6. Step 1: Initiate focuses

  • Creating mutual respect and trust
  • Identifying the presenting topic
  • Gaining commitment to proceed

7. Triad Role Play

8. Video

  • Identify the three key actions of Step 1

9. Step 2: Clarify Focuses

  • Listening actively
  • Asking non-judgmental questions
  • Checking for assumptions

10. Individual Exercise

  • Assessing how easy it is to be present, curious, and non-judgmental

11. Active Listening Exercises

  • Importance of improving active listening skills using pre-work assignment

12. Non-Judgmental Questions

  • Reworking judgmental questions into non-judgmental questions

13. Check for Assumptions Reflection

  • Assumptions you might be making when coaching

14. Triad Role Play

15. Video

  • Identifying the three key actions

16. Step 3: Explore Focuses

  • Reframing
  • Searching for alternatives
  • Selecting alternatives

17. Reframing

  • Powerful questioning technique

18. Search for Alternative and Select Alternatives

  • New ways forward and help employees select the best ideas based on fixed or non-negotiable criteria

19. Resistance Exercises

  • Overcoming resistance

20. Video

  • Identifying the three key actions

21. Step 4: Act Focuses

  • Establishing next steps
  • Establishing accountabilities
  • Following up

22. Lecture and Large Group Discussion

  • Ensuring mutual agreement of accountabilities and next steps

23. Ideal Follow Up Exercise

  • What does an ideal follow up look like?

24. Video

25. Triad Role Play

26. Coaching Mindset

  • How has your coaching mindset has shifted?

27. Action Plan

  • Planning for your coaching conversation using the Coach. Coach. Coach. worksheet

How do I enroll?

A comprehensive listing of ExitCertified courses can be found here. You can register directly for the required course/location when you select "register". If you have any questions or prefer to speak with an ExitCertified education consultant directly, please submit your query here. A representative will contact you shortly.

How do I pay for a class?

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What if I have training credits?

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When does class start/end?

Classes begin promptly at 9:00 am, and typically end at 5:00 pm.

Does the course schedule include a Lunchbreak?

Lunch is normally an hour long and begins at noon. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice are available all day in the kitchen. Fruit, muffins and bagels are served each morning. There are numerous restaurants near each of our centers, and some popular ones are indicated on the Area Map in the Student Welcome Handbooks - these can be picked up in the lobby or requested from one of our ExitCertified staff.

How can someone reach me during class?

If someone should need to contact you while you are in class, please have them call the center telephone number and leave a message with the receptionist.

What languages are used to deliver training?

Most courses are conducted in English, unless otherwise specified. Some courses will have the word "FRENCH" marked in red beside the scheduled date(s) indicating the language of instruction.

What does GTR stand for?

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I took the AWS Technical Essentials and it was taught very well. It was very comprehensive and the instructor was fantastic. Already having familiarity with AWS, it was still taught at a level where I felt like it was worth taking before doing taking the AWS Developer course.

Joel Rosenblum is an excellent instructor. Would gladly take more courses he taught. Extremely knowledgeable with the content and real world experience with the tech. Gotcha issues provided by him to look for in tech were very useful. Very friendly and available during and after class time.

Tom Peters was very helpful initially and once voucher was confirmed valid. Tom P required Kyle Banas to approve my voucher that was earned for selling certain quantity of M365 licenses. Request confirmation voucher was valid less than 3 months from notification. Tom P CC'd Kyle B on email to confirm. Kyle to several weeks and MANY email requests without ever responding to request. Tom P eventually approved the voucher.

Content was excellent. Labs and lab environment was excellent.

Facility was well laid out. Well stocked break room & bathroom within close walk. Also, the woman working the front desk/professional support was very helpful and professional, and responsive to our requests.

I would certainly go through ExitCertified again for future trainings.

Everything went well. Enrollment process was easy and I always felt welcomed throughout the whole experience.

The Advanced Architecting for AWS course was great! The instructor, Craig was very knowledgable and interacted well with the group. The hands-on labs were exactly what I needed to help me better understand tasks that are part of my daily job functions. I really enjoyed this course!

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