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Jenkins User Boot Camp

Course Details
Tuition (USD): $1,950.00 • Classroom (2 days)

The 21st-century software engineering practices of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) have rapidly come to define the best practices for software development, quality assurance, and delivery. CI/CD practices are fundamental to most successful DevOps practices and enable huge benefits for delivering more value, more frequently and with lower risk than traditional engineering. At the same time, CI/CD practices drastically reduce many of the risks and pains associated with deploying software releases and bugfixes. Jenkins has long been the community tool leader in the open-source world for practicing continuous integration and delivery. It’s robust and enterprise-capable big brother, the CloudBees Jenkins platform, expands the capabilities users love about Jenkins to an enterprise-class toolchain and level of support. This hands-on Jenkins training course teaches engineering and development teams how to run an enterprise CI/CD practice. Our lab environment and classroom model is deeply interactive, giving students hands-on practice and access to an expert in the classroom so they can return to work ready to immediately use everything Jenkins has to offer.

Skills Gained

  • Update your Agile Knowledge
  • Automate your Software Delivery Pipeline with Jenkins
  • Implement CI/CD with Jenkins
  • Integrate Jenkins with Git / GitHub
  • Take your Agile Teams to the next level with Jenkins
  • Reduce integration issues
  • Improve code quality
  • Manage plugins within the Jenkins platform
  • Build and automate deployments
  • Learn to use GitHub with Jenkins
  • Review and implement best practices for Jenkins Pipeline Plugin

Who Can Benefit

  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Quality Assurance Professionals
  • Software Testers
  • Product Owners
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Development Team Members
  • Operations Team Members
  • Anyone who is a hands-on user of the CloudBees Jenkins platform or open source Jenkins

Course Details

Part 1: Foundations of CI/CD in enterprise environments

  • What is Jenkins, CI & CD, and how can Jenkins help my business?
  • Introduction to Jenkins and its use for CI best practices
  • Feature overview: open-source Jenkins
  • Example deployment approaches: Dedicated hardware, Docker, AWS

Part 2: Agile Refresher

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Success with Scaling Agile
  • Agile Management Tools
  • Implementation of common tools

Part 3: Getting started with Jenkins

  • Key components of Jenkins
  • Jobs in Jenkins
  • Projects in Jenkins
  • Builds in Jenkins
  • Views
  • Jenkins Templates and modular jobs

Part 4: Jenkins plugins

  • Pipeline (Mainly these plugins - Input Step, Basic Steps, Build Step, Job, Groovy
  • Docker Pipelines & Commons
  • Using parameters and credentials with plugins
  • Choice parameters
  • Conditional Build Steps
  • GitHub
  • NodeJS
  • Terraform
  • Amazon Web Services & EC2 Container Services plugins
  • Notifications

Part 5: Integrating Jenkins and version control

  • A Git example
  • Jenkins and best SCM practices with Github
  • Using Jenkins for Optimizing and Measuring Code Quality Code
  • Code Coverage Metrics
  • Running and using Builds

Part 6: Parameterized Builds

  • Adding Parameters
  • Passing Parameter Values
  • Executing a Parameterized Build
  • Jenkins credentials

Part 7: Automating Deployments

  • Deploying code
  • Servers, Clients, and Workstations
  • Docker & AWS Containers
  • Terraform

Part 8: Handling Build Failures

  • Detecting the source of a build failure
  • Troubleshooting Jenkins Builds
  • Build failure Analyzer
  • Build log scanning
  • Git Timeouts

Part 9: Folders in Jenkins

  • Folders
  • Folders Plus

Part 10: Merging

  • Validated Merges
  • Using GitHub for validated merges
  • Pull-Request Builder for GitHub
  • Templates

Part 11: Running a CI/CD Pipeline through Jenkins

  • Pipeline development tools
  • Pipeline Plugin
  • Trigger a pipeline
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