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Cisco SDA Essentials

The Software Defined Access Essentials course presents Cisco’s SD Access solution. You will learn the concepts, components, implementation, migration and design principles of deploying this...

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Course Code C-SDA-E
Duration 3 days
Available Formats Classroom
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The Software Defined Access Essentials course presents Cisco’s SD Access solution. You will learn the concepts, components, implementation, migration and design principles of deploying this solution. As well, business justification and the benefits of the SD Access solution are discussed. The course leads you into detailed coverage of the SD Access Fabric, its components and implementation as well as supported architectures and migration paths. The course also introduces the new Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches and outlines the new features, including ETA. You will also learn about integrating wireless architectures with SD Access and discuss best practice designs and migrations. The Cisco SD Access solution is centered around DNA Center and as such, the course will cover this solution. You will learn about NDP, APIC-EM, ISE and StealthWatch integration as well as Assurance and Analytics.

Skills Gained

  • Describe the current trends and challenges in networking and discuss the need for a new era in networking
  • Define Cisco’s Software-Defined Access solution, it’s components and the platform support for both wired and wireless deployment
  • Describe fabric fundamentals and operations
  • Discuss Cisco DNA™ Center and it’s pivotal role in a Software-Defined Access network
  • Discuss the installation procedure for Cisco DNA Center
  • Describe the security challenges and the solutions offered by Software-Defined Access
  • Describe the Catalyst 9000 series of switches; the new features and models
  • Discuss the new licensing models

Who Can Benefit

  • Cisco Customers, Sales Engineers, Enterprise Customers, Field Engineers


  • Understanding of networking topologies and architectures
  • CCNA Data Center, or equivalent knowledge/experience
  • Understanding of LISP, VXLAN, Cisco TrustSec
  • Understanding of wireless architectures

Course Details

Follow On Courses

  • Cisco SDA Design Essentials (SDADE)

Outline: Cisco SDA Essentials (SDACE)

Module 1: Introducing Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)

  • Introducing Software-Defined Access (SD-Access)
  • Fabric Fundamentals
  • Introducing the Software-Defined Fabric
  • Fabric Border Operations
  • Software-Defined Access Platform Support

Module 2: Software-Defined Access Wireless

  • Introducing Software-Defined Access Wireless
  • SD-Access Wireless Operations
  • SD-Access Wireless Guest Design
  • Deploying Software-Defined Access Wireless
  • Software-Defined Access Wireless High Availability

Module 3: Introducing Cisco DNA™ Center and Intent Based Networking

  • Current Business and IT Challenges
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Overview
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Automation
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Assurance

Module 4: Installing Cisco DNA™ Center

  • Reviewing Appliance Features
  • Planning the Deployment
  • Cisco DNA™ Center Appliance Installation

Module 5: Securing SD-Access

  • Security Challenges and Innovations
  • Encrypted Traffic Analytics

Module 6: Introducing Catalyst 9000 Switches

  • Platform Overview
  • Cisco Catalyst 9000 New Features
  • Introducing the 9300 Series of Switches
  • Introducing the 9400 Series of Switches
  • Introducing the 9500 Series of Switches

Module 7: Software-Defined Access Licensing

  • Simplified Licensing
  • Licensing Subscription Offers
  • Technical Support


Lab1: DNA Center—First Look

  • Log into DNA Center
  • Design a deployment
  • Add Sites, Areas and create a hierarchy
  • Add floors, buildings, floor plans
  • Integrate DNA Center with Cisco ISE
  • Add additional admin users
  • Discuss how to integrate Infloblox for IP Address Management
  • Discuss backup and restore jobs

Lab 2: DNA Center Assurance

  • This lab will demonstrate the Assurance capabilities of DNA Center

Lab 3: Encrypted Traffic Analytics

  • Show how to investigate alarms generated by Global Threat Analytics in Stealthwatch
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