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Implementing Cisco Cloud Center v1.0

The Implementing Cisco CloudCenter (ICCC) is a four-day instructor led course. Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr) securely deploys and manages applications in data center, private cloud, and public...

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$4,495 USD GSA  $3,849.62
Course Code ICCC-v-1-0
Duration 4 days
Available Formats Classroom
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The Implementing Cisco CloudCenter (ICCC) is a four-day instructor led course. Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr) securely deploys and manages applications in data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. CloudCenter provides customers with a single, intuitive platform that helps them manage the entire application lifecycle across simple or complex hybrid IT environments. The CloudCenter platform provides a compelling solution for modern IT organizations whether they are moving their first applications to the cloud, implementing self-service IT, or wanting to gain visibility and control across a vast portfolio of clouds, applications and users.

Skills Gained

  • Describe Cisco CloudCenter Architecture
  • Design Cisco CloudCenter Features, Deployment Models, Key Components, Components, Public & Private Clouds
  • Explain Cisco CloudCenter Manual and Certificate Installation, Configuration and Setup
  • Examine Cisco CloudCenter Clouds, Users, Tenants Administration
  • Describe Cisco CloudCenter Activation Profiles, Groups, Roles, Images and Extensions
  • Describe Cisco CloudCenter VM Operations, Tagging, Governance, Usage Plans and Fees
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter Application Modeling and Deployment
  • Explain the Ways Cisco CloudCenter Simplifies AWS

Who Can Benefit

This course is designed for Cloud Architects, Sysadmins, Network Architects, Software Architects, and DevOps Engineers who will be implementing and managing Cisco’s CloudCenter. Cisco CloudCenter provides the ability to model, manage and orchestrate deployments of applications seamlessly with complete agnostic behavior to virtually any public cloud such as AWS, as well as to any private clouds such as vSphere. This course will provide hands-on experience with deploying Cisco CloudCenter with integration and orchestrated provisioning to private and public clouds.


  • Good understanding of networking protocols.
  • Good understanding of the VMware environment.
  • Attend the Cisco CCNA Cloud Fundamentals course and Cisco CCNA Cloud Administration or
  • equivalent. experience is highly recommended, to fully benefit from this course.
  • Public and Private cloud experience is recommended.
  • Knowledge of Linux Administration (familiarity with SSH, command line interface, etc)

Course Details

Lesson 1: Cisco CloudCenter Architecture

  • Cisco CloudCenter Manager
  • Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator
  • Enterprise-Class Solutions

Lesson 2: Cisco CloudCenter Basics

  • Features
  • CloudCenter History
  • CloudCenter Terminology
  • Deployment Models
  • Multi-Tenancy Models

Lesson 3: Cisco CloudCenter Key Components

  • Public Clouds
  • Datacenters and Private Clouds
  • Application Profiles
  • Services
  • Lab: Configure a Bundle Store

Lesson 4: CloudCenter Installation

  • Installation Overview
  • Manual Installation
  • Certificate Authentication
  • Deployment Best Practices
  • Lab: Install CloudCenter v4.x

Lesson 5: Configure and Setup CloudCenter

  • Setup the Admin Account
  • Configure Cloud(s)
  • Register the CCO with the CCM
  • Map Images
  • Manage Instance Types
  • Configure Cloud Storage
  • Configure Image IDs
  • Lab: Configure a Cloud

Lesson 6: CloudCenter Administration

  • Clouds
  • Users
  • Tenants
  • Activation Profiles
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Images
  • Extensions
  • Services Administration
  • VM Operations
  • Governance and Security
  • All Reports
  • Usage Plans and Fees
  • Lab: Users and Sharing

Lesson 7: Application Modeling and Deployment

  • Application Migration and Management
  • Migrate and Manage
  • Advanced Features
  • Lab: Configuring Application Profiles

Lesson 8: Application Management and Governance

  • Benchmarking
  • Hybrid Cloud Management Solution
  • Tagging and Governance
  • Lab: Benchmarking and Reporting

Lesson 9: CloudCenter and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • CloudCenter and AWS Benefits
  • Deploy a Virtual Machine on Demand
  • Manage Images in Multiple Regions
  • Deploy any Application Stack on Demand
  • Automate Continuous Deployment
  • Auto Scale across Availability Zones
  • Migrate Across Regions
  • Automate Micro-segmentation
  • Including AWS Specific Services
  • Benchmark Price and Performance
  • Stay in Control
  • Lab: Deploying CloudCenter and AWS
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