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ICCE - Integrating Cisco Enterprise Chat & Email into Cisco Contact Center Enterprise (ICCE)

Module 1 ? Deploying Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email Lesson 1 - ECE Overview ECE Deployment Models and Architectural Overview ECE System Requirements Chat, Email and Data Flow ECE Login Points PCCE...

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Course Code ICCE
Duration 4 days
Available Formats Classroom
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Module 1 ? Deploying Cisco Enterprise Chat and Email Lesson 1 - ECE Overview ECE Deployment Models and Architectural Overview ECE System Requirements Chat, Email and Data Flow ECE Login Points PCCE Considerations Lesson 2 ? Preparing CCE for ECE Integration Preparing CCE for ECE Integration Overview CCE Configuration Cleanup Lesson 3 ? ECE Installation ECE Installation Overview Install SQL for ECE as Administrator ECE Installation (11.5) ECE Upgrade (11.6) Check System Performance Lesson 4 ? ECE Integration with CCE Partition and Console Overviews ECE Startup Partition Administration Unified CCE Integration Lab 1-1Navigating ECE and CCE Lesson 5 ? ECE Integration with Email Server Dispatcher & Retriever Process Startup Configure Email for ECE ? Add Alias SMTP Settings Lesson 6 ? Enabling SSL Functionality for ECE Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Overview Enabling SSL for ECE Lesson 7 ? Integrating Finesse with ECE Finesse Configuration Overview Finesse Admin Page (cfadmin) .xml Files Configuration ECE Finesse Login Lab 1-2Navigating ECE Email and Finesse Integration Module 2 ? Cisco ECE Operations & Administration Lesson 1 ? Partition Administration Deep-Dive ECE Administration Console Overview Partition Console ? Administration Administration Console Lesson 2 ? Adding & Importing UCCE Objects into ECE Chat & Email Flow Adding/Importing Objects Verify ICM & ECE Configuration Using PQ?s with ECE Create ICM Scripts Scheduling ICM/CCE Routing Scripts Import CCE Objects into ECE Logging in as an ECE Agent Department Considerations and Configuration Lab2-1Preparing CCE Basic Configuration Lab 2-2Working with ECE Imports Lab 2-3ECE Agent Login Lesson 3 ?ECE Queues and Workflows Services and Settings for Queues and Workflows Partition and Department Settings for Queues and Workflows Creating Articles Workflow Service Level Configuration Confirming the Workflow Editor (JRE) Lab 2-4Working with ECE Workflow Queues Lab 2-5 Working with ECE Articles Lesson 4 ? Configuring Inbound Email Configuring Inbound Email Create New Inbound Workflow ICM Inbound Email Script Verify Email Operation ? ICM Script Verify Email Operation to Agent Lesson 5 ? Configuring Outbound Email Configuring Onbound Email Create New Outbound Workflow Verify Outbound Email Operation Lab 2-6 Workflow Editor and Verifying Email Operation Lesson 6 ? Configuring ECE Chat Configure and Verify CCE/ECE for Chat Testing Template Modifications Verify Chat Operation Callback, Delayed Callback Dynamic Messages for Integrated Chat Lab 2-7 Configure and Verify Chat in ECE Lesson 7 ? Reporting for ECE Reporting Overview ECE Reports in CUIC Native ECE Reporting Creating & Modifying Reports Managing Report History Scheduling Reports Sending Notifications Setting Permissions on Reports Lab 2-8 Reporting for ECE Module 3 ? Cisco ECE Features Lesson 1 ? Agent Single Sign-On (SSO) for ECE SSO Overview Configure & Verify SSO Other Security Considerations Lab 3-1 Agent SSO Lesson 2 ? Troubleshooting Common issues and solutions Enabling logs Lesson 3 ? ECE 12.x New Features Overview Lesson 4 ? Solutions + Features Overview

Skills Gained

Learn operations and administration tasks required for initial ECE deployment Ongoing system administration such as enabling SSO, importing objects, preparing queues and workflows Use the scripting tool Generate reports Enable system logs for troubleshooting Implement features that enhance ECE operations for Agents

Who Can Benefit

This course is designed for partners and customers responsible for deploying and administering ECE in the UCCE environment.


The prerequisites for this course are that the student has knowledge and experience deploying and administering and maintaining Cisco UCCE. If the student does not have this prerequisite background we recommend, at a minimum, attending the AUCCE1 course authored and delivered by Sunset Learning.