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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Customized Puppet (CUSTOM-PUPPET)
  • Introduction to Kubernetes (KUBERNETES)
  • Custom Open Source - Directors Session (Invitation Only): Cloud Native Systems (CUSTOM-OPEN-SOURCE-DSCNS)
  • Istio/Envoy Service Mesh Foundation (CN2-Istio)
  • Using Python for System Automation (PYTHON-SYS-AUTO)
  • MongoDB for the DBA – Ops Manager (ADV-MongoDB-DBA)
  • Introduction to MongoDB for the DBA (ACCEL-MONGO-INTRO)
  • MongoDB for Developers (ACCEL-MONGO-DEV)
  • Modern Cloud Applications Bootcamp (INNO-MCAB)
  • Certified OpenStack Administrator (ALTA3-COSA)
  • 5G Essentials (ALTA3-5GE)
  • Introduction to Microservices Architecture Training (INTRO-MS)
  • Microservices Development Bootcamp with immersive project (using Spring Boot and Docker) Training (MS-BOOT)
  • Introduction to Cassandra for Developers (ACCEL-CASS-INTRO)
  • Automate Infrastructure Deployment with Configuration Management and DevOps (INNO-AIDCMD)
  • Microservices Engineering Boot Camp (MICRO-ENGINEER-BC)
  • Microservices Architecture Training (ACCEL-MICRO-ARCH)
  • Automate Secure Infrastructure with Packer, Vault and Terraform (INNO-ASIPVT)
  • Using Vault to Manage Secrets on Kubernetes (INNO-UVMSK)
  • Terraform (INNO-TERRA)
  • Cloud Strategy Boot Camp (CLOUDSTRATBC)
  • Securing Kubernetes (RX-M-SecKub)
  • SUSE Kubernetes Administration (SUSE-KUB)
  • Rancher 2.6 Operations Training (SUSE-RANCHER)
  • SUSE Manager 4 Basic Operations (SUSE-MANAGER)
  • Docker Containerization Boot Camp (DOCK-CON-BC)
  • Redis Foundation (CN1-Redis)
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