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  • Cloud Topic: Terraform | Code: INNO-ASIPVT

    Cloud - Automate Secure Infrastructure with Packer, Vault and Terraform (Course)


    Transitioning from traditional infrastructure deployment and management processes can be challenging. Implementing infrastructure as code principles and using best practices leads to repeatable...

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  • Cloud Topic: net | Code: INNO-UVMSK

    Cloud - Using Vault to Manage Secrets on Kubernetes (Course)


    Kubernetes has built-in secrets support, but there is room for improvement. Kubernetes secrets are encoded using base64, which is not secure encryption. Another limitation of Kubernetes secrets is...

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  • Cloud Topic: Terraform | Code: INNO-TERRA

    Cloud - Terraform (Course)


    Terraform is the leading tool for automating deployment and management of your infrastructure resources. Using Terraform as part of your continuous deployment pipeline enables repeatable results and...

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  • Cloud Topic: net | Code: RX-M-SecKub

    Cloud - Securing Kubernetes (Course)


    This intensive two-day hands-on course is designed to provide working platform operators and other technology professionals with a comprehensive introduction to the processes and practices around...

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  • Cloud Topic: Cloud | Code: CLOUDSTRATBC

    Cloud Strategy Boot Camp (Course)


    An effective cloud strategy is much more than just picking a cloud provider, creating an application migration plan, or having a listing of allowable cloud services. Instead, an effective cloud...

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  • Cloud Topic: First | Code: ALTA3-5GE

    Cloud - 5G Essentials (Course)


    5G is the next-generation of mobile networks beyond the 4G LTE mobile networks existing today. The vision of 5G is becoming clearer and most experts say 5G will feature network speeds that are...

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  • Cloud Topic: net | Code: SUSE-KUB

    Cloud - SUSE Kubernetes Administration (Course)


    This two day course is designed for system administrators, DevOps, system engineers and others who need an introduction to Containers, Kubernetes. This course begins with an introduction to containers...

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  • Cloud Topic: Administration | Code: SUSE-RANCHER

    Cloud - Rancher 2.6 Operations Training (Course)


    This three-day partner delivered course is designed for system administrators responsible for deploying and administering multiple Kubernetes cluster distributions with Rancher Server. The course...

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  • Cloud Topic: Administration | Code: SUSE-MANAGER

    Cloud - SUSE Manager 4 Basic Operations (Course)


    This three day course focuses on the types of day-to-day administrative tasks that SUSE Manager makes easy to complete and monitor. Generally, the major topics that are discussed in detail are:...

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  • Cloud Topic: Containers and Cloud Native | Code: DOCK-CON-BC

    Cloud - Docker Containerization Boot Camp (Course)


    In recent years, few IT tools have been as disruptive or innovative as Docker. Lightweight and fast, the open-source Docker engine provides an environment to run your code as well as an efficient...

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  • Cloud Topic: Database | Code: CN1-Redis

    Cloud - Redis Foundation (Course)


    This course provides technical staff with a comprehensive introduction to the Redis key/value platform. The course begins with an overview of the architecture and operation of Redis. Each student will...

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Instructor-Led Classroom & Virtual
  • Customized Puppet (CUSTOM-PUPPET)
  • Introduction to Kubernetes (KUBERNETES)
  • Istio/Envoy Service Mesh Foundation (CN2-Istio)
  • Using Python for System Automation (PYTHON-SYS-AUTO)
  • MongoDB for the DBA – Ops Manager (ADV-MongoDB-DBA)
  • Introduction to MongoDB for the DBA (ACCEL-MONGO-INTRO)
  • MongoDB for Developers (ACCEL-MONGO-DEV)
  • Modern Cloud Applications Bootcamp (INNO-MCAB)
  • Certified OpenStack Administrator (ALTA3-COSA)
  • 5G Essentials (ALTA3-5GE)
  • Introduction to Microservices Architecture Training (INTRO-MS)
  • Microservices Development Bootcamp with immersive project (using Spring Boot and Docker) Training (MS-BOOT)
  • Introduction to Cassandra for Developers (ACCEL-CASS-INTRO)
  • Automate Infrastructure Deployment with Configuration Management and DevOps (INNO-AIDCMD)
  • Microservices Engineering Boot Camp (MICRO-ENGINEER-BC)
  • Microservices Architecture Training (ACCEL-MICRO-ARCH)
  • Automate Secure Infrastructure with Packer, Vault and Terraform (INNO-ASIPVT)
  • Using Vault to Manage Secrets on Kubernetes (INNO-UVMSK)
  • Terraform (INNO-TERRA)
  • Cloud Strategy Boot Camp (CLOUDSTRATBC)
  • Securing Kubernetes (RX-M-SecKub)
  • SUSE Kubernetes Administration (SUSE-KUB)
  • Rancher 2.6 Operations Training (SUSE-RANCHER)
  • SUSE Manager 4 Basic Operations (SUSE-MANAGER)
  • Docker Containerization Boot Camp (DOCK-CON-BC)
  • Redis Foundation (CN1-Redis)
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